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Revolutionary Politics » Blog Archive » Gaza in the eyes of Israelis
The Catholic Church and Palestine « Time to Think
Kawther Salam » Blog Archive » Zionists Looking for Collaborators?
The Daily Life of Kawther Salam - Dreaming of a New World Order
Government power must END, where our rights begin
Israel’s Biggest Theft of all Time. « Last Free Voice
How Jews snatched Palestine?: Full text: The one world order eustace Mullins
Israeli art students show up at interesting times
These “art students” are classic intelligence operatives who have appeared before and after major terrorist events and covert operations conducted by the Mossad.
John F. Kennedy Jr.
YouTube - Nothing Informations
Watch September Clues: Informationsrussian israeli bulgarian soldier gz september 11 2001 world...
Super Hot Court Case exposes Facts About IRS! Please! :EVERYONE YOU MUST READ THIS:!!! | Ron Paul Wins! | Campaign for Liberty at the Daily Paul
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Gambling with peace: how US bingo dollars are funding Israeli settlements | World news | The Guardian
Millionaire's foundation must be curbed, critics say, as California charity is 'a barrier to West Bank resolution'
Nineveh Kurds Threaten to Secede :: :: informazione dall'Iraq occupato :: news from occupied Iraq :: [ - it - 56170]
YouTube - 1 DAY BEFORE 911 WTC attack! DO u know what happened?WATCH!
DO u know what happened, just 1 DAY BEFORE 911 WTC attacks ! only one day before !Donald Rumsfeld announced that 2.3 Trillion Dollars Missing on the date of ...
7 Reasons Why Housing Isn’t Bottoming Yet | The Big Picture
On Saturday, I posted this chart and wondered why Some people were calling for a housing bottom. That generated a ton of emails asking about for further
RAW & Mossad, The Secret Link « Therearenosunglasses’s Weblog
Ancient Israeli Myths Deter Peace « Therearenosunglasses’s Weblog
   By Sheila Samples  : Information Clearing House - ICH
aphoax.pdf (application/pdf Object)
Fading Into Mist...
Israel Kills Palestinian Boys, Steals Organs For Transplants
Video: Goldman Sachs is Criminal Scum – Max Keiser «
The International Banking Cartel is the New World Order «
YouTube - 21st century traitors
in your face violations of the US constitution as expected from our leader and police as well as rent a cops..AS FOR YOUTUBE - READ below- ATTENTION YOUTUBE ...
Jewish Talmudic Quotes - Facts Are Facts
Conspiracy Planet - Corporate-Govt Fraud - The Zionist Gang that Bankrupted General Motors
Herbal remedy really does cure a cold - Times Online
Fans of echinacea have long sworn that it can ward off the common cold, a claim that has been dismissed this as a matter of faith.
BBC News | HEALTH | Garlic 'prevents common cold'
People who take a garlic supplement each day are far less likely to fall victim to the common cold, research suggests.
California's Economy -- It's Worse Than You Think - HUMAN EVENTS
People are leaving California because the state is over-taxed and over-regulated.
Globalist Think Tank Trots Out Iran Attack Scenario « Therearenosunglasses’s Weblog
Great Awakening,Spiritual Portal, Meditation, Jesus,Buddhism, Angels, Jesus, God, Obama Deception Free
We are a spiritual site for lightworkers interested in in 2012, the new world order, the illuminati, tolerance, vibrational changes related to the coming ascencion into other dimentions. We are all experiencing energy changes and understand that perhaps traditional religion has not been the answer. We are heading for the end of times and must prepare spiritually. Obama Deception Movie Free
Oh Bummer: When Will Americans Come to the Aid of Palestine?
Israel Turns on Itself « Therearenosunglasses’s Weblog
OBAMA A RACIST? « Desertpeace
Over 100 megs of official records and photos detailing government lies to We The People, this website started as a subpage of a website designed to promote my film career.
Over 100 megs of official records and photos detailing government lies to We The People, this website started as a subpage of a website designed to promote my film career.
Six Years After U.S. Troops' Arrival in Iraq, Ruins of Babylon Await Restoration
HILLA, Iraq -- Maytham Hamzah cast his eyes toward the remains of King Nebuchadnezzar's guest palace in Babylon, one of the world's first great cities. He smiled, bitterly.
Mainstream Media and the Propaganda Machine « Therearenosunglasses’s Weblog
Israeli military, government lacking ‘moral compass’ « Therearenosunglasses’s Weblog
Rampaging settlers shatter fragile calm « Therearenosunglasses’s Weblog
4. The Vienna House
Illuminati Mind Control and the Music Industry « Therearenosunglasses’s Weblog
The Arab Slave Trade (what you should know and probably don’t) « Therearenosunglasses’s Weblog
illuminati jews
Henry Makow's official web site. Exposing Feminism and the New World Order
The Surprising Ingredient Causing Weight Gain on Yahoo! Health
Say it isn't so! A recent study out of the University of Carolina at Chapel Hill cites what animal studies have hinted at for years: MSG (aka…
Controversial Bestseller Shakes the Foundation of the Israeli State | | AlterNet
What if the entire tale of the Jewish Diaspora is historically wrong? - Deconstructing the walls of Jericho is dedicated to Justice, Truth, and Human Rights in the Middle East
YouTube - BUSTED: The Citizen's Guide to Surviving Police Encounters
How to exercise your constitutional rights during encounters with police.
Revolutionary Politics » Blog Archive » Criminal charges filed against Obama WHO and UN for Bioterrorism/Intent to Commit Mass Murder
Before you’re forced to get any mandatory vaccinations… « Blog
The real reason behind the Cash for Clunkers program « Blog
North Jersey: epicenter of 'Kosher Nostra' and Mossad activity
FBI Watch - SignOnSanDiego Forums
Discuss Chargers, Padres, Aztecs and other San Diego County sports and news.
The non-profit worker from Bethlehem who was branded a terrorist by Bruno | World news | The Guardian
Abu Aita, 44, from Beit Sahour, is described in the film as a member of al-Aqsa Martyrs Brigade
UNObserver & International Report
Cash for Repos | The Real Revo
Since I was born my Father has spent his professional life in the Electrical Industry or selling Pontiacs. He now works at a GM dealership. The scenario I
Life in the Bubble: At Home in the Israeli Settler State by Ed Kinane --
Why a third of women want to give up work to look after their children | Mail Online
A further six in ten would like to reduce their hours to spend more time with their young ones, the Government-backed study found.
The Right Winged Jews of Twit-srael « Political Theatrics
Don't hate the media, become the media
On the Right of Resistance :: :: informazione dall'Iraq occupato :: news from occupied Iraq :: [ - it - 56404]
Iran, Bahrain, and the Arabs « Therearenosunglasses’s Weblog
Controlling the Human Mind « Therearenosunglasses’s Weblog
Kawther Salam » Blog Archive » The Israeli Soldier Who Wants to Meet a Palestinian
The Daily Life of Kawther Salam
Ever Wonder What Blows Out Of A Jet Airplane?
The Pornographic Conspiracy
Revolutionary Politics » Blog Archive » Lou Dobbs - Obama wants North American Union
Guns, Drugs and Jihad « Therearenosunglasses’s Weblog
Prolonged Aid to Unemployed Is Running Out « Therearenosunglasses’s Weblog
Disarm Israel « Therearenosunglasses’s Weblog
The United States and Iran: The Secret History: Part Three: Carter’s Bargain – The Islamic Bomb « Therearenosunglasses’s Weblog
Secrets of the CIA « Therearenosunglasses’s Weblog
Obama Faces Carter/Clinton Parallels « Therearenosunglasses’s Weblog
The Truth About the Flu Shot « Therearenosunglasses’s Weblog
California Leading the Assault, Cutting the Bottom Rungs from the Escape Ladder « Therearenosunglasses’s Weblog
Do strange clouds associated with recent Chinese earthquakes offer photo evidence of HAARP attacks? « Therearenosunglasses’s Weblog
The Tonawanda Whitefish of the Apocalypse. « Smoking Mirrors
Cash for Clunkers Video Sparks Outrage Over Wasteful Government Programs |
Al Jazeera English - Focus - Gaza children shatter world record
Hoping to uplift besieged spirits, the Strip's children fly hundreds of kites.
About those Israel mall vendors: kiosks providing cover for IDF training of militant Jews in United States
Israel in 3 minutes
Evolution and Revolution of the Central Banking System
Origins of the American Empire: Revolution, World Wars and World Order
Alex Jones’ Prison » Controlling the Global Economy: Bilderberg, the Trilateral Commission and the Federal Reserve
Alex Jones’ Prison » Decline And Fall Of The American Empire
Who is ruling; India? And how? (Dalit Voice)
Slow, Brutal, Merciless Inhuman Ethnic Cleansing of Ancient Lands
Waters Flowing Eastward
Waters Flowing Eastward
The Study Of Parasitism
In Lies We Trust: The CIA, Hollywood and Bioterrorism
Ellen Brown: The Public Option in Banking: How We Can Beat Wall Street at Its Own Game
Many people feel that some bankers are thieves stealing from the public till and should be looking at jail time. But who is there to stop their parade of outrages?
Curtmaynardsnewestblog: Oh Shit, The Jews Are Fucking Up Right and Left, Their Newest "Evil Muslim Spokesperson" Turns Out to Be a Jew, Just Like All the Rest of Em.
Open Letter to Lee Iacocca
When the Zionists Killed Yaakov Yisrael Dehan on July 1, 1924
Story of the murder of Yaakov Yisrael Dehan on July 1, 1924
Statement to the UN Special Committee on Palestine by Rabbi Dushinsky
STATEMENT TO THE U.N. SPECIAL COMMITTEE ON PALESTINE July 16, 1947 by Chief Rabbi Yosef tzvi Dushinsky
Illegal settlement in Long Island school?
Video: Entering the Greatest Depression in History «
Who Owns The TV Networks
Video: “We, The People…” – The Insurrection «
American Intifada -- Shaking Off Six Decades of Deceit
Anti-Zionists: The New Heretics
YouTube - Flashpoint interview: Bradley R. Smith
Holocaust Revisionist, Bradley R. Smith, critically examines the Israel lobby and the central role played by The Holocaust in driving America's militant poli...
Israel | MSNBC: Israel's Secret Arsenal
The Crony Capitalist Bailout Nation | WHAT REALLY HAPPENED
Linda Douglass Admits White House is Breaking the Law - Jews Have Always Exercised Great Power
Henry Makow's official web site. Exposing Feminism and the New World Order
Sex Slavery and the DOD
The European Union and Israel « Time to Think
Back Down Obama From Signing Hate Bill!
Netanyahu Continues Israeli Media and Psychological Warfare against Lebanon
Hillary Admits US “Behind the Scenes” Agitation in Iran
National Guard asked to explain ‘internment’ jobs
Jewish-Bought Congressmen Visit Israel
Liberal Agenda Threat to Nation
The Jewish Genocide of Armenian Christians
Jerusalem ­ Historical Disaster In The Making
Israeli Interior Minister: US Can’t Stop Settlement Expansion
The Secret Service at Booker Elementary: The Dog That Did Not Bark
3 Americans Held in Iran Are all Jews: Were They Spies?
Hit-and-Run: How the Government's Billion-Dollar Cash for Clunkers Boondoggle Hurts the Poor
Clinton: US Supported Iran Protesters ‘Behind the Scenes’
Dutch journalist: Flu pandemics are Jewish conspiracy
Bernard Lewis: one of the secret rulers of the world?
The world’s wicked war of words Anti-Arab brainwashing by the US media
There is No Recession It’s a Planned Demolition
Russian FSB services helped Hizbullah bust spy ring – report
Kawther Salam » Blog Archive » The Secret Burial of President Arafat
The Daily Life of Kawther Salam
The Nexus Of Evil - Pt 3
Hidden Names for MSG
Revolutionary Politics » Blog Archive » TOP Secret Government Facility (holds Flight 93 evidence)
Beer could stop bones going brittle
Obama’s Main Man Has a Cold Heart
The 'Second American Revolution' Has Begun
Curtmaynardsnewestblog: It’s The Jews Stupid
The Truth Will Set You Free: Zionist Indoctrination: Boston Grammar Schools
Religious Fundamentalism In Israel
Israel’s Fifth Column: The People in Between « INTIFADA
Truth Package Machine: Is the SPLC An American Arm of the Mossad?
Chocolate 'cuts death rate' in heart attack survivors
US treasury bonds
This website will self-destruct...
New software using peer-to-peer networks will enable data to be permanently erased, developers from the University of Washington say.
Obama Health Care Plan's Dirty,Tyrannical, Hidden Secrets.
Practical Internet Privacy by Paul Green
Myths And Facts About al-Qaeda
Wikipedia: Free disinformation - Hollywood Portrays Jews as Supermen
Henry Makow's official web site. Exposing Feminism and the New World Order
World Depopulation Plan on Fox News!!!!!!
American apocalypse – 5 likeliest scenarios to topple the US «
The Plot To Destroy The US Dollar | Real Zionist News
Afghanistan - Obama’s ‘Zionist’ War | Real Zionist News
Why Obama’s Health Care Plan Can Kill You | Real Zionist News
The Pentagon Wants Authority to Post Almost 400,000 Military Personnel in U.S.
The Prophecy of Diseased Whores and Vampire Scum.
SteveLendmanBlog: Manipulation - How Markets Really Work
From Sea To Shining Sea: What the Government Healthcare Bill Actually Says
Google Translate
Video: Shadow Behind the Throne – A Brief Overview of the New World Order
The nation quickly descending into chaos
Credit Implosion And Depression Coming, We Are So Screwed
Video: On the Right of Resistance :: :: informazione dall’Iraq occupato :: news from occupied Iraq :: [ - it - 56948]
Openind Blind Eyes
The Spin Machine Turns Health Bill Protests Into Hate Speech, All Because They Gave Us a Black President
Nearly 1 billion starving worldwide
Israeli Containment Strategy: Gaza Misery Used to Intimidate West Bankers
our political leaders profit from the illicit trade.
Russell Blaylock, MD - What To Do If Force Vaccinated
Rabbis Raping Boys in Israel
MSM: Who is funding the Afghan Taliban? You don’t want to know
The Cause – The cause of all wars throughout history is interest-bearing debt
Beware the Counterrevolution
How Apathy Will Destroy America
The Worst is Ahead of Us
The Economy is in Deep, Deep Trouble…
Video: Glenn Beck – What the Media Refuses to Tell You About Rahm Emanuel
The Doomsday Code
The Second Wave of The Depression: Hyperinflation Likely
Spy-vs-Spy In Lockerbie
Rabbi's Wife, Daughter Discover Truth
Money Is God, Greed Is King
Media Ignoring Rahm Emmanuel Corruption
The Nexus Of Evil - Pt 4
How Israel Spies On US Citizens
AIPAC Sends in the Clowns! « INTIFADA
Hitler was a Godsend for Israel
Kitco - Commentaries - Roger Wiegand
Top Sweden newspaper says IDF kills Palestinians for their organs
Are We Really Cattle?
Behind the Lockerbie frame-up | Links International Journal of Socialist Renewal
Tax Bills Put Pressure on Struggling Homeowners -
Investors buy tax liens from local governments and charge high interest rates and thousands of dollars in fees.
Vincent Foster
Need less then 8.5 hours sleep you may be a mutant | WHAT REALLY HAPPENED
The History of the “Money Changers”
Dealers Want Cash for Clunkers Reimbursement
‘JOKER’ Obama Posters to go viral
Infowars | Don't allow politically correct Obamanoids to stop free speech & political dissent. Post these everywhere you can in your area and online.
U.S. group invests tax-free millions in East Jerusalem land
Internet warfare team unveiled – Twitterers paid to spread Israeli propaganda
Letters from the Author of Silent Weapons for Quiet Wars
USA, CIA Created Sunni Islamic Terrorism
Blackwater ‘hired for CIA plan’
Shadow Behind the Throne: A Brief Overview of the New World Order
Anatomy Of American Ignorance – Part 1
Rothschilds–the Hidden Hand
The coming ‘crisis’ in the Caucasus: Part 1
Native American Genocide and the New World Order - Freemasonry's Hidden Homosexual Agenda
Henry Makow's official web site. Exposing Feminism and the New World Order
The Nexus Of Evil - Pt 5
Falling In Love
Michael Cutler -- Are Mexican Drug Cartels Setting California Fires?
Folic acid in bread 'could be unnecessary and increase health risks' - Telegraph
Adding folic acid to bread could be unnecessary and may even expose many to potentially negative health risks, according to a new study.
Stunning Jewish Success Dominates American Media
The End by William Buppert
Secession, Five Years Later by William Buppert
Days Away From Economic Chaos?
American Intifada-Shaking Off Six Decades of Deceit! « INTIFADA
La Raza Members Admit Their Plan To Take Over America
Aiding and Abetting War Crimes
Kawther Salam - The Body Snatchers of Israel
The Body Snatchers Are Back
Untold Truths about the United States: Acts of Bankruptcy
Marketers Answer Call to Eliminate High-Fructose Corn Syrup
"The name's Obama -- BARACK Obama."
“Speaking in Tongues”–Zionist Gangsterese As “Diplomacy”
After stealing Palestine, they now are stealing the bodies of Palestinians...
Reuters: Pot Kills Cancer But Don’t Even Think About Using It!
Anti-Zionists: The New Heretics
Voight: Is Obama creating a civil war in America?
List of Failed Government Health Care Programs
Don't hire American kids....they're too expensive....says our colleges
Heart disease warning over cholesterol found in junk food
Israeli Cosmetic Company Is About to Learn It Can't Cover Up Its Role in the Occupation
50 Top U.S. War Criminals
Israeli art students show up at interesting times
Camps for Dissidents Readied
UCMJ Definitions of Military Harassment, Sexual Assault and Rape
The Obscenity of Israeli Semantic Warfare
How Israel Wages Game Theory Warfare
CIA Mouthpiece Hides Agency’s Nazi Roots Behind Recent Facist Policies
New US “Peace” Plan Asks Palestinians to Simply Give-Up
Was the 2008 Financial Collapse An Inside Job?
Want Proof Foreign troops are here now?! Watch.
The Ego
Another Massive Oil Field Discovered in Iran
CIA’s Secret Army Announces Terror Offensive Against Russia
Don’t Let Antiwar Movement Support Imperial War On Iran
Iranians to Fund Opposition Research -
TEHRAN, Aug. 23 -- Iranian lawmakers voted overwhelmingly on Sunday for a bill creating a $20 million fund intended in part to expose human rights violations by the United States, the ILNA news agency reported.
The Nexus Of Evil - Pt 6
"Dead Man Musings"
Musings of a Dead Man: Illuminati among the Mormons and Farmers Insurance Group
Our Military Ruling Classes: Part 1
Did Jesus Name The Anti-Christ?
Has Anyone Seen The Media (and not the Jokers thinking they are)?
Iran discovers vast new oil reserves
The Body Snatchers of Israel
The Engineering of ‘Pandemics’: Vaccine-Induced Disease Epidemic Outbreaks
Ten Things You're Not Supposed to Know about the Swine Flu Vaccine
Common Sense 2009
55,000 Web sites hacked to serve up malware cocktail
Six Jewish Companies Own 96% of the World’s Media
America's brightest historical minds speak to you about monetary reform. Part 1
America's brightest historical minds speak to you about monetary reform. Part 2
The Ringwormchildren
To all the morons who say Palestine never existed
Fiat Empire - Why the Federal Reserve Violates the U.S. Constitution (A Film)
Reel Bad Arabs:Learning to Hate
President John F Kennedy Secret Society Speech version 2
‘Blood Libel’ In Israeli Arab Organ Sales
It is right to expose Wiesenthal
Top Sunni rebel on Iran death row says US ordered attacks
History of Palestine (1850)
Descriptive Geography and Brief Historical Sketch of Palestine, by Rabbi Joseph Schwarz
Romania busts Israeli human egg-trafficking ring
Stocks led by four wounded horsemen
Israeli Nuclear Weapons & Western Hypocrisy
British/Zionist Press Mentions “Greater Israel”
Hariri Takes Stand Between Hezbollah and Zionist Entity
The God That Failed: The 30-Year Lie of the Market Cult
how to treat and store emergency water, part 1
how to treat and store emergency water, part 2
how to treat and store emergency water, part 3
The Widening Gap In America’s Two Tiered Society
Sex Slavery – The Growing Trade in Israel « when beeing ANTI means being FOR human rights, coexistence and peace
'The Jewish Century' - Blazing Historical Facts  
Zionist Israelis Slaughter School Kids With Phosphorus
Jesus Christ - 'Hate Criminal?'
One Trillion Dollars
Is America A Sick Country Or What?
Codex Alimentarius (CA) Threatens Human Health
Larry Flynt Speaks
Those who lose homes may face state tax hit
6 Ways to Fend Off Debt Collectors
MSM: Real US unemployment rate at 16 pct – Fed official
The Federal Reserve Must Die
Setting the people up to die: A conspiracy of silence about swine flu natural remedies
Video: Scientific proof of treason on September 11 sent to Congress
Racketeering 101: Bailed Out Banks Threaten Systemic Collapse If Fed Discloses Information
The Shell Game - How the Federal Reserve is Monetizing Debt
The Great Economic Recovery of 2009 Is a Fraud
Zionists Win Again
US Is In A Death Spiral - Top Retail Analyst
Ted Kennedy's Deadly Legacy For America
Heating High-Fructose Corn Syrup Is Dangerous
How The Khazar Rothschilds Devoured Europe
The Criminal Rothschilds
US Presidents Murdered By Rothschild Banksters
Night of Israeli Horror in Jerusalem Hospital
Tutu to Haaretz: Arabs paying the price of the Holocaust
Lefrak: Commercial Real Estate Will Kill 500 Small Banks
International Paper Treads Monsanto’s Path to ‘Frankenforests’
Healthy food obsession sparks rise in new eating disorder
The more they scream 'anti-Semite' the more guilty they appear
Israel Turns Up The Heat To Evict Bedouin From Desert Lands
FLASHBACK - Israel learns of a hidden shame in its early years
How deadly are cosmic rays?
Ex - IRS agent tells the truth about Income taxes
"Your government and our government knows what happened at Lockerbie. But they are not going to tell you"
Hudson: The Financial Parasites Have Killed the American Economy
Mind blowing speech by Robert Welch in 1958 predicting Insiders plans to destroy America
Independent Jewish Voices (Canada) submission to the Canadian Parliamentary Coalition to Combat Anti-Semitism
Hummel: The US Will Default On Its Debt
20 Foods That Make You Smarter
World’s Stocks Controlled by Select Few
The Move to Depopulate the Planet
Fluoride Linked to Arthritis, Study Shows
Roubini: “When Governments Reach the Point Where They Are Borrowing to Pay the Interest on Their Borrowing They Are … Running a Ponzi Scheme”
CIA Releases Its Instructions For Breaking a Detainee’s Will
Stomach-Stapling Eliminates T2 Diabetes Symptoms
Appeasing Israel - At What Cost?
What Americans Think About The Populations Debate
The Weight of Tradition: Why Judaism is Not Like Other Religions
Tyler Durden: Did The Fed Secretly Open Trading Accounts To Boost The Markets?
DARPA program can selectively block personal cell phones, wireless internet, gps
The Information Underground • View topic - Israel did 9/11, ALL THE PROOF IN THE WORLD!!
If Americans Knew What Israel Is Doing! VIDEO WAS CENSORED!
FLASHBACK - The "Pod People" And The Plane That Crashed Into the Pentagon
FLASHBACK - Artificial Sweeteners Confound the Brain; May Lead to Diet Disaster
Zionism: An ‘abnormal’ nationalism
Flashback: Israel helped Idi Amin take power
Sweatshop Scandal Rocks Israel
FDIC Insured Institutions have $13.3 Trillion in Assets. 8,195 Banks and 116 Institutions Hold $10.2 Trillion of Those Assets. One out of Four Institutions Unprofitable. 1,000 Banks Will Fail or Merge.
A fable, a film and a fraud: the Israel lobby’s information fraud
Myths and Facts about al-Qaeda
MSM/US Gov't in panic mode? Why is America so angry?
The FDIC Does Not Protect You
Democracy is Not Liberty
Did Hitler Want War?
Eastern Europe: Caught Between Their Own Past and Nazi/US New World Order
Is it anti-semitic to defend Palestinian human rights?
Why Not Sanctions for Israel?
Why Did People Become White?
Spanish Influenza Epidemic of 1918 Was Caused by Vaccinations
The Rise and Fall of the Dollar: 1800-2009 - Mises Economics Blog
Why Our Great-Grandparents were Happier Than We Are... - Big Picture's posterous
Don't Criticize Israel, You Anti-Semite
The Truth Of Iraq's City Of Deformed Babies
Russian Professor: Collapse Of America Could Begin In Two Months
AU holds Israel responsible for Africa woes
Recent Concentration of Volume in Financial Stocks: Coordinated Capital Infusion?
Why Psychologists Are Infinitely More Dangerous Than Conspiracy Theorists
Philip Giraldi - The Best Congress AIPAC Can Buy
Are US taxpayers funding the Taliban?
Embassy Guards Gone Wild: The Pictures (NSFW)
What Would the United States Look Like Without the Federal Reserve?
U.S. consumer bankruptcies up 24 percent in August
Heroic James Traficant Freed
The Record of the Federal Reserve
Hang the Zombieconomy by its Own Rope
Cash For Clunkers Conspiracy?
Throw-back Civilization
Video: Goldman Sachs, the US Treasury, and criminal corruption
MSM: The Coming Deposit Insurance Bailout
“We don’t want your tired, poor, huddled masses yearning to trash the planet” The Federal Reserve, 2009
Mass Mind Control is Upon Us – It’s Time to Awaken Your Consciousness
MSM: Commercial Real Estate Lurks as Next Potential Mortgage Crisis
Our 10th Amendment Sovereignty Resolve, Will Defeat the New World Order!
Video: The name’s Obama – BARACK Obama
A fable, a film and a fraud: the Israel lobby’s information fraud
Questioning the Police State, Not Just the Tactics
300 Million Without A Country
Message to Cheney, CIA, Pentagon, The White House and USA Christians
Hezbollah rejects new Israeli threats.
Beijing’s derivative default stance rattles banks
Saudi- Iranian War fought in Sa’ada
Walled Horizons – Narrated by Roger Waters (Pink Floyd founding member) Part 2
Walled Horizons – Narrated by Roger Waters (Pink Floyd founding member) Part 1
Greenpeace Israel–Rehabilitating the Image of the Fascist Zionist State
Mossad agents were living next to the said “hijackers”
Fox News – Israeli Spy Scandal 4 Part Series:
The Zionist Attack Team–911
CIA and Satanism
Exposing Zionist 'History'
The Nexus Of Evil - Pt 7
Kawther - Palestinian-Arabs - Racism In Israel
Artificial Sweeteners HELP You Gain Weight
Kawther - Palestinian Children Slaughtered By IDF Snipers - Liberal Jews, Sex & The New Satanic Order
Henry Makow's official web site. Exposing Feminism and the New World Order
The Myth Of The Illuminati
Israeli Navy Terrorism: Destroying Boats and Lives
Taliban's Tank-Killing Bombs Came From US, Not Iran
How The Feds Got Into The Pot Prohibition Business
The Best Congress AIPAC Can Buy
The Real Lincoln
Don't Criticize Israel, You Anti-Semite
‘Inflation and the Fall of the Roman Empire’: Why David M. Walker compared the collapse of the United States to the Fall of Rome
Not one penny has reached Gaza
Tortured by Taser
Fragment from world's oldest Bible found hidden in Egyptian monastery - Africa, World - The Independent
A British-based academic has uncovered a fragment of the world's oldest Bible hiding underneath the binding of an 18th-century book.
Treasury Says Millions More Foreclosures Coming
David Irving sparks row over Holocaust 'propaganda'
Did Lehman Brothers Fall or Was It Pushed?
This Recovery is an Imposter
Why not sanctions for Israel?
Spread the word: Congress to fine you $3800 unless you buy insurance from private insurers
Israel-Europe relations strained under Netanyahu
Never Talk to the Police
Evicted From Your Brand New Clunker
Armed Revolution! Are you “in or out”?
The Arab Regimes Play Monopoly With Israel
"It’s The Vaccines Stupid!"
Colds and stomach bugs speed up memory loss in Alzheimer's patients: research
Option ARM Disaster Arrival: Mortgages More Problematic than Originally Thought. $134 Billion Recasting in Next Two Years. 94 Percent Made only Minimum Payment. Only 35,000 of the 1 million Option ARM loans Modified.
Occult symbolism, MSM prepping for another 9/11 "false flag" ?
Virus linked to prostate tumours
United States considering $10 "tourist fee" to pay for promoting tourism
Historical facts about the dangers (and failures) of vaccines
4 Signs that China is Moving Out of the Dollar
The Coming Collapse!
Israeli Government Ads Warn Against Marrying Non-Jews
What Does DHS Know About You?
The Tie Between US Militarism & Zionist Jews
Invasive technology to ruin your life
Flight 93 - Proof of 9/11 Lies by the US Government and Media
Why Conspiracy Theory Rhetoric is Hurting our Democracy
Farewell America
A History of Labor Unions From Colonial Times to 2009
Mass Mind Control is Upon Us - It's Time to Awaken Your Consciousness
Why is gay marriage a "public policy" issue?
Traficant: Government ‘had to cheat to convict me’
Death Derivatives: Wall Street Casinos aim to 'securitize' life insurance benefits
Which of these civil rights activist heroes does our Zionist media adore?...Which does it ignore?
9-11 Truth-Deniers are Criminally Responsible
Missing Algerian Children Had Their Organs Removed
Chavez tells Israelis to disobey ‘genocidal’ govt
Goldman Sachs Is Not Capitalism: On a Very Confused Michael Moore
Total U.S. Loans Outstanding Have Dropped by Another $110 Billion Quarter-Over-Quarter
Dangerous, Deadly H1N1 Vaccine Scam
What Would Jesus Say (to a Zio-Christian)?
Selling Death: Wall Street’s Newest Bubble
September 11 Attacks: The Greatest Fraud of the 21st Century
US May Be Sucked Into Yemeni Civil War
What Role Did the U.S.-Israeli Relationship Play in 9-11?
Poverty hits 1 in 8 Americans
great intro article to share: Who are 9/11 Truthers? What is the 9/11 Truth Movement?
How Did Human Remains End Up Miles From Flight 93's Crash Site?
Bush Caught in a Lie About the 9/11 WTC Attacks
Booker Elementary Principal Confirms Bush Didn't See WTC Footage Before He Entered Classroom
FLASHBACK - The FBI Allowed the 1993 WTC Bombing to Happen
White House Claims 1 Million Jobs Saved, Created By Stimulus Bill
Madonna: “The Harlot’s Dance” & “Israel’s New Best Friend”
How Israel’s Nuclear Arsenal endangers Us All
Nano Particles used in Untested H1N1 Swine Flu Vaccines Part III: ‘It’s the vaccines, Stupid!
The Doors of Perception
The Truthseeker's Imprisoned in Rothschild Castle.
We Can't Break Up the Giant Banks, Can We? Yes We Can!
Mainstream Media Cover-Up Implodes As World Discovers Millions Marched In DC
September 30th - D-Day for U.S. - Have You Been Paying Attention? Are You Prepared?
Banking Problems Are Now Bigger Than Pre-Lehman
Jimmy “The Bull” Traficante’s Message to Organized Jewish Interests–Payback’s a Bitch
Interest Only Mortgage Time Bomb: $71 billion in Loans will Reset in next 12 Months. Total Loans Outstanding at $908 Billion. Average Balance of $324,000. Median U.S. Home Price $178,000.
Busted World: Traficant For President
The Last Days of the Lehman brothers
Fake Mexico Hijacking by Bolivian Jew
Ehud Barak - Architect of 9-11
The New World Order is "Communism"
911's A lie - Total Pwnage
Adviser: High unemployment for years
27-Year CIA Vet says Obama May be Afraid of the CIA ... For Good Reason...
Lest We Forget !
Fiat Money: How Else You Gonna Kill 600,000 Americans?
The contents of the H1N1 Vaccine…. are you ready for this?
My message to the Jews
The Sacred Mysteries of 9/11
9-11 The Israeli Spy Ring
It Was'nt Muslims
EclippTV :: Video :: The Man Who Stood Up To A Bank, And WON is a free online social networking site that also provides a free video and photo hosting service allowing users to view, upload, and share videos and photos. -
Cash for Clunker war to the death
The Israeli Occupation of America: How Israel Gained Control of American Foreign Policy and Public Opinion
Italy Ex-President – CIA And Mossad Ran 9-11
MSM: U.S. campers developed drug-resistant flu – report
Roubini: The World Faces a “Rising Risk” of a Double-Dip Recession
How to Fight Deflation
Billionaire club in bid to curb overpopulation
The Widening Gap In America’s Two Tiered Society
The Nature of the Beast…
Blood-curdling story of Dalit struggle for self-determination
Fossils From Animals And Plants Are Not Necessary For Crude Oil And Natural Gas, Swedish Researchers Find
Crude oil: How Wall Street is screwing America
Obama, the First Jewish President
How A REAL President Acts Regarding Immigrants
History Says US Is Headed For Hell On Earth
The Nexus Of Evil - Pt 8
The Israeli Occupation of America: How Israel Gained Control of American Foreign Policy and Public Opinion « heshamtillawi
An 'Unknown Holocaust' & The Hijacking Of History
Why does the mainline media still deny all 9/11 evidence?
A Blizzard of Lies
Jim Rogers - America is Collapsing
History Says US Is Headed For Hell On Earth
Film makers, Actors, and Activists Protest Toronto Film Fest For Tel Aviv Spotlight
Turki al-Faisal – Land First, Then Peace
Brazilian Parliament recommends freezing out Israelis from third largest export market
Lobbyist Exposes Obama's True Views on Second Amendment
“Israel” And The US Try To Manipulate The IAEA´s Work
Credit Default Swaps Are STILL Dangerous
The Real Lesson of Lehman's Fall Lehman Died So TARP and AIG Might Live
How low will Israel stoop to win the propaganda war?
Swine Flu's vaccine's devastating ingredient - Squalene
The Israel lobby’s global propaganda manual
Eighteen Reasons Why You Should NOT Vaccinate Your Children Against The Flu This Season
CIA linked to Benazir Bhutto’s assassination?
Why has the stock market rallied so strongly? Here’s an answer
The Truth About the Health Care Bills
Holocaust movie at every turn - NOTHING about our wonderful allies - the Soviets!
Four Apparent Suicides/Deaths in 48 Hours – CEO-Financiers-Fundraiser
U.S. credit card defaults up, signal consumer stress
Iran nuclear leaks 'linked to Israel'
5 Reasons for Caution in the Stock Market and Housing Casino. Public Private Investment Program gives it a go. $64 Million Gives you Access to $1.3 Billion in Unpaid Principal.
World to America: We Want Our Gold Back
Thanks for Voting for Obama
Congressman Grayson: Fed Secretly "Stuffed" $500 Billion into "Foreign Private Pockets" and Gave $230 Billion to Citi "As a Secret Bailout"
Fake video footage 'persuades half of people to wrongly accuse others of crime'
The Big Banks Have Gotten Bigger
How US tax breaks fund Israeli settlers
Constitution Day
Constitution Day is observed and celebrated on September 17, 2009. The Constitution of the United States of America is the supreme law of the United States. It is the foundation and source of the legal authority underlying the existence of the United States of America and the Federal Government of the United States. The United States Constitution was adopted on September 17, 1787, by the Constitutional Convention in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. Learn about the U.S. Constitution, the Bill of Rights, Amendments to the Constitution, and our Founding Fathers. Extensive collection of constitutional books and DVDs.
ID Cards – an Historical View
Post Mortem for Lehman – Did Bernanke and Paulson Blackmail Congress?
Video: CAUTION – Monetary System Collapse
Israel’s occupation is a far greater threat to the region than Iran
Tavistock, Stanford Research, Hippies, Acid and Low-Level Warfare by Other Means
Committee of 300
UN: Gaza water supply could collapse in wake of Israel war
Happy Decline of Religious Dictatorship
Global War and Dying Democracy: The Revolution of the Elites
Makow - The Dreyfus Affair Was A Rothschild Psy-Op - Sexual Frigidity Is Caused by Feminism
Henry Makow's official web site. Exposing Feminism and the New World Order
50 Hero Celebrities Boycott Zionist Film Festival
Economic Duplicity: Recession and Record Profits
Holocaust survival tale took in many
The Worms in the Apple: who's really behind that "bipartisan" call to attack Iran?
The U.S. Balance Sheet: Households See Net Worth Down by $12 Trillion Since Peak and Total Debt Floating in the Market of $33 Trillion.
An Interview with Eustace Mullins
Algerian kids falling prey to Jewish 'organ harvest'
Brave Whistleblower
Cigarettes and alcohol will take 10 years off your life
Just One Pill Away
Why Is Obama Still Using Blackwater?
Terrance Yeakey Truth
How the Soviet Menace Was Hyped
2009– Year of the Slave
UN urges Israel to allow nuclear inspection
“The World Is Not Going To Take This Much Longer”
RACE IN AMERICA: The Grand Denial
Obama’s Defenders Follow Zionist Lead, “Racism” is the new “anti-Semitism”
Israeli Now Taps ALL US Telephones And Faxes
US Moves Missile Shield From Europe To Israel, Azerbaijan
Those poor jews
Too Much Radiation For Astronauts To Go To Mars
Canada To Consider Giving US Deserters Asylum
$20 Per Gallon Of Gas
The Nexus Of Evil - Pt 10
America Sees Red
Sabra & Shatila Massacre:27 Years Later
Settling for Failure in the Middle East
Stuart Littlewood – How Low will Israel Stoop to Win the Propaganda War?
Blackwater involved in Bhutto and Hariri hits: former Pakistani army chief
The Israeli Occupation of America: How Israel Gained Control of American Foreign Policy
Understanding Zionism: The Fable Of The Ducks And The Hens
Apartheid Israel...Our Sacred Cow That Gives No Milk
1 in 4 FHA Mortgage Loans in Foreclosure or Delinquency
Secure Metals Inc - Jim Rogers on America, The Dollar & Our Future
HSBC bids farewell to dollar supremacy
Dr Death Ray's early, hidden inventions
U.S. Senator Harry Reid - "Taxation Is Voluntary"
Gold & Silver Investments
The Economic Fallacy Of 'Too Big Too Fail'
Video - BBC Newsnight: The Rise of Israel's Military Rabbis (Part 1 of 2)
Flashback:Flu shot tracking ID bracelet
Israeli troops 'ill-treat kids'
International Monetary Fund to sell over 403 tons of gold
The Plight of Bethlehem
Vaccinations are causing impaired blood flow (Ischemia), Chronic Illness, Disease and Death for us all
2 Nobel Economists Confirm that Credit is NOT Created Out of Excess Reserves
California’s Financial Depression: Unemployment and Underemployment rate at Great Depression Levels. 23 Percent Unemployment for Biggest State in the Nation. California Will not see Housing Peak until 2030.
history of banking in the U.S.
What Did Ahmadinejad Really Say?
My Occupied Land
Ahmadinejad is purposely taunting with " Holocaust is a lie."
California unemployment at 70-year high. The solution? Monetary reform!
Afghanistan: Where Empires Go to Die
President Urges Global Front against Israel
Health Insurance Companies Say C-Sections Are A Pre-Existing Condition Because Having A Child Is A Choice
"Option" Morgages set to explode
The West Bank Story
If Credit is Not Created Out of Excess Reserves, What Does That Mean?
More than 35 million people have Alzheimer’s and Dementia worldwide, according to new report
Water Wars: Your Food Supply Is Threatened
Will Americans Obey Government Orders During a Swine Flu Pandemic?
Economic Duplicity: Recession and Record Profits
Video: Swine Flu Internment Camp Documents Revealed(LINKS)
A Nation on Mind Altering Drugs: Antidepressants Most Commonly Prescribed Drugs in US
Ten Swine Flu Lies Told by the Mainstream Media
The Global Credit Crunch Is Not Receding, It Is Intensifying
Looming Global Debt Crisis – Bob Chapman
“Truther” came out of the CIA Handbook on Psychological Guerrilla Warfare
Soldier Claims Authorities Training To Intern Americans Who Refuse Swine Flu Shot
The Zionist Belief in the Right to Rule Other Nations
Study: 44,000 Americans Dead a Year From Lack of Health Insurance
Obama About to do for Drug Companies What He did for the Bankers
American Intifada — Shaking Off Six Decades of Deceit
The Health Care Deceit
The United States Policies in the Caucasus Could Lead To Further Russian Influence
Police recover unlicensed arms from security firm
World to America:We Want Our Gold Back
Abraham Lincoln on unconstitutional US wars of Aggression
The World Must Now Choose
5 Zionist Freedom-Killing Hate Bills In Congress
The Criminal Rothschild Zionists - Important History
Palestine And The Demise Of Conscience
Restoring the Right to Resist (UPDATED)
Breaking the Consumer: Exporting Empty Containers Declining. Consumer Credit is contracting at Rapid Pace. Is the Consumer Treadmill Showing Signs of Exhaustion?
FLASHBACK - Shocking Video Hillary Does NOT Want You To See
Is THIS how the bank bailout money is being used?
GAO: AIG may never repay government
Linguistic slaughter space
For My Father
Will Americans Obey Government Orders During a Swine Flu Pandemic?
Professor Antony Sutton: Wall Street & the rise of Hitler
Canada: Natives sickened from mandatory tamiflu vaccinations
Exposure to sun 'may help people with cancer survive'
Marc Faber - Buy Stocks because US Dollars will be worthless 09/22/09
The Nexus Of Evil - Pt 9
Obama Agriculture Secretary Admits CFR Influences “Climate Change” Agenda
The “Jesuits” Hoax
Chemtrails - If You Don't Tell Others, Who Will?
Despite Anti-Vitamin D Bias, CDC Stumbles on Deficiency Link to H1N1 Deaths
Clues That Your Country May be Turning Into a Fascist State
MSM: The stock market rally is just another bubble – and it’s set to pop
The Economy Is A Lie, Too – Paul Craig Roberts
2 Nobel Economists Confirm that Credit is NOT Created Out of Excess Reserves
Hamas: Abbas Is ‘Stabbing Palestinians in the Back’
Will Israel Fall in Five Years?"
Mysterious Explosion 1,000 Times Greater than Hiroshima
On June 30, 1908, the Earth experienced an explosion 1,000 times the magnitude of the the atomic bomb dropped on Hiroshima, Japan (shown above). The event resulted in the flattening of 80 million trees over an area roughly the size of Washington DC, and a century later scientists and UFO enthusiasts are still debating about what caused this colossal 5-30 megaton blast.
Exodus probably actually happened to the Hyksos, not the Israelites
Why Jerusalem? - Israel's Hidden Agenda
New Discoveries about Hemingway…along with Some New Questions
Eyewitness to an Act of War…A US Air Force Intelligence Officer Speaks with American Free Press About the USS Liberty
“Free yourselves from the shackles of Israeli pressure”, the man said
Bank President Admitted that All Credit Is Created Out of Thin Air With the Flick of a Pen Upon the Bank's Books
Rapture BS
Israel's thirst for the Nile's water
Evidence of Thimerosal, H1N1 Virus in Seasonal Vaccination
Independence Needs Independents – Campaign for Liberty
Dangerous Mercury Contamination of Human Body Increasing, Study Finds
Huge California study concludes soda consumption undeniably linked to obesity
It Is Going To Be A Rocky Road – Chuck Baldwin
Former CBS anchorman warns of corporate influence over news
US schools: 1 million homeless students, 40-50 class size, 100,000 laid-off teachers. Had enough?
De-Brainwashing the Sheeple
Obama Prepares to Make His Biggest Mistake, Listening to Biden
With Global Capitalism Exposed as a Sham, All the Global Elite Have Left Is Pure Force
Brazilian Parliament Recommends Freezing Out Israelis from Third Largest Export Market
Hayden and the NSA- the most ignored “9/11 connection”?
Iran/Contra Connections to 9/11
I voted for Obama and all I got is this lousy police state
US Meeting Proof of Zionist Control
Why Nazi Gassings Never Happened?
YouTube - Forced Vaccine Prevention
Richard Mack, former Sheriff of Graham County, Arizona, explains how county sheriffs across the country can stop forced or mandatory vaccinations. Sheriffs'... - Benjamin Franklin- Freemason and Jew
Henry Makow's official web site. Exposing Feminism and the New World Order
$20 Per Gallon Of Gas - Pt 1
$20 Per Gallon Of Gas - Pt 2
NY Bakery Workers Take On Goldman Sachs
The Case of Lt. Kuczynski
CNN's hoax on America. REAL VIDEO PROOF!! NO BS!!!
The 5 Ballsiest Lies Ever Passed off as Journalism
Card Defaults Surge in August to 11.49%, Moody’s Says
Your Tax Dollars at Work: Drug Cops Spend Hours Playing Wii Bowling During Raid
Faber: Fed Will Destroy Dollar, Buy Gold
New details on Obama’s CIA front employer
Corruption 'stifling economies'
UN general assembly: 100 minutes in the life of Muammar Gaddafi | World news |
Eccentric Libyan leader lives up to his reputation during his first visit to America
Ahmadinejad speech at UN
Gadhafi points finger at Israel over JFK assassination
Existing home sales post surprising drop
“Mirror, Mirror, On the Wall“…Pathological Narcissism as the Sparkplug of Armageddon
Holiday Jobs Look Scarce as Pessimism Grips Retail
Full text of Ahmadinejad’s speech to the UN General Assembly
Why the U.S. economy CAN'T “recover”
It is the Federal Reserve Board that is bankrupt, not the USA
Pilot arrested over Argentina 'death flights'
The Practice of Domination in Everyday Life
U.S. Pharmaceutical Factories Dumping Huge Quantities of Drugs Into Public Sewers, Rivers and Waterways
Swine flu vaccine recipients could be tracked with RFID bracelets using Big Brother medical technology
Idiots, Fools - 100s Of Elk Shot To Death To Contain CWD
Christopher Bollyn - Ehud Barak - Architect Of 9-11
One Simple Question About Obama...
Pathological Narcissism As Armageddon Sparkplug
Jewish Groups - Churches Must Hire Homosexuals
Jack Bernstein - Heroic American Jew
What You MUST Know About GM Foods
Of Myth And Legend - 2009 Sturgis Motorcycle Rally
How I Ran Afoul Of The Illuminati - Part 1
How Opposition To Israel's Inhuman Wall Is Suppressed
"The US wants to punish country that Israel doesn’t like"
What If Everyone in the World Wanted a 1-ounce Gold Coin?
Do The Jews Own Hollywood And The Media?
When Telling The Truth Becomes Anti-Semitism
Rep. Alan Grayson: Does the Federal Reserve Manipulate the Stock Market? Where's the Gold?
The REAL reason for the coming war with Iran
Japan Abandons America
Who Needs Clean Water?
A Look at Strategic Oil Reserves – Who’s Buying Oil?
Doctor Admits Vaccine Is More Deadly Than Swine Flu Itself
Checklist for Hard Times by Terence Gillespie
Peter Schiff U .S. Rally Is Doomed, Gold Will Hit $5000
The Constitution: The God That Failed
Israel's nuclear weapons Yahoo listing
Where Did the H1N1 Virus Come From?
Huge California study concludes soda consumption undeniably linked to obesity
Core Of Corruption: In The Shadows(1 of 5 Films)
Video: Gaza's Water Supply Near Collapse
The descent of Britain's Afghan campaign into a Vietnam-style madness
Israel's Nuclear Chronology
Israel's Dimona Nuclear Weapons Factory In 3D
Military and Riot Thugs Detain, Dehumanize and TORTURE American Citizens
How Well Has The Federal Reserve Performed for America?
Die Kriegschuld-Lüge Answering The Victors' Lies About German War Guilt
5 Ways the Government Used Our Money to Save Big Banks and Screw Us
Hitman: $25 million bounty on Hugo Chavez
Aspartame Side Effects
Immoral Israel Army War Crimes
U.S. Government Gold Manipulation Document Declassified
Ousted Honduran president: Israelis sent to kill me
Key facts to keep in mind while opposing war against Iran
Former FBI Agent Confirms: Bush State Official Was Target of 'Decade-Long' Espionage Probe
Provocateur Cops Caught Disguised As Anarchists At G20
H1N1 Swine Flu Vaccine Insert Admits It Causes Guillain-Barre Syndrome, Vasculitis, Paralysis, Anaphylactic Shock And Death
Could a Gravity Trick Speed Us to Mars?
Income gap widens as poor take hit in recession
Another War in the Works America Is Led and Informed by Liars
Inside the Apocalyptic Soviet Doomsday Machine
G20 riots in Pittsburgh – How I organized them via Twitter
Vitamin D and Prevention of Chronic Diseases
The Real Reasons Behind Fed Secrecy
Why vitamin D is so vital
High-Fructose Diet Raises Blood Pressure in Middle-Aged Men
U.S. auto sales in September slump post-"clunkers"
The CIA and the Fed?
Retail Stores Closing Doors
Oklahoma City bombing tapes erased
Montana Town Occupied By Private Paramilitary Security Force
Video: California Swine Flu Checkpoint Identified?
Everything You Know About Iran Is A Myth
5 Ways the Government Used Our Money to Save Big Banks and Screw Us
Israeli State of Extortion
A US Counteroffensive In Pakistan
US credit shrinks at Great Depression rate prompting fears of double-dip recession
U.S. Interest vs The Jewish State
That Crap About the Chosen Ones
Learning About the Sheeple
Kawther - Malformed Babies From Banned Israeli Weapons
IsraHell Dumping
Starbucks Kills Communities Says Academic
BBC Accused Of 'Dumbing Down' By Screenwriter
Working Moms Have Unhealthiest Children
Margarine Linked To Lower IQs In Children
Devvy - The Enemies Who Rule America
Iran Is Still NOT The Problem
David Cole & Ernst Zundel At Auschwitz Pt 1
David Cole & Ernst Zundel At Auschwitz Pt 2
David Cole & Ernst Zundel At Auschwitz Pt 3
ACLU: FBI ‘manipulating’ debate on Patriot Act reform
The Virtues of a Disorganized Resistance
Why They Call It Fall
The Saudi Royals Are Traitors To Islam
US Census Bureau report: 40 million living in poverty
Unprecedented U.S. corp. defaults seen for '09
Option ARMs in Financial Pain: 900,000 Mortgages and 1 out of 4 either Seriously Delinquent or in Foreclosure. OCC and OTS Report Shows Foreclosures Still Growing.
Analysis finds holes in US Iran story: US may have pretended to know about facility
Montana Town Occupied By Private Paramilitary Security Force
US secretly tried to make deal with Goldman Sachs in wake of financial crisis
A World Without Cancer - Vitamin B17
Bailouts for the Little Guy: New Retail Consumption Tax!
Scott Ritter: 'politically motivated hype' over Iran
Everything is OK Montage
Iran vs Israel: What The Media Wants You To Forget
Fine line between genius and madness, scientists find
Who’s Afraid of Sibel Edmonds?
America's H1N1 Expert Says Scientists Are Clueless About Side Effects to Vaccinations
The Pathology of Evil
Still Not Convinced HIV Is Bogus?
Broader Unemployment 17%
Jewish founders of Secular Turkey
EXCLUSIVE:Obama agrees to keep Israel's nukes secret
The Saudi Dynasty: Where Do They Come From and Who Is their Real Ancestor?
MSM: China Celebrates Total Control; US Too
APF: License? We Don’t Need No Stinking License!
MSM: Marching to world domination – Why the West should be worried about China
Video: Exposed – American Police Force Is A Blackwater Front Group
The War Against Free Thought
Codex Alimentarius summarized in 7 points
Water Wars: Colossal Land Grab by the UN and the Feds
MSM: California County Declares H1N1 State of Emergency
Still No Room—Ultra-Orthodox Jews Want “Jews for Jesus” Evicted
Iran To Allow Nuclear Inspections, What About Dimona?
Is Ahmadinejad a ‘Gift’ for Israel?
Charge: Ahmadinejad Rants to Hide His Jewish Roots
Obama Ready to Serve at Netanyahu’s Feet
As Long As Israelis Are Happy, Who Cares If Americans Die?
IDF Gen. Dan Halutz at Harvard, Wanted for War Crimes
Israel Real Missile Defense Focus
Growing questions on death of Benazir Bhutto
Project Censored's Latest Top 25 Censored Stories
Rabies In Worldwide Upsurge
A comprehensive resource about the Saudi Royal family of al-Saud. Ample info. about corruption, abuse and scandals as published by the media
Kawther - Israeli Army Terrorizes Teens In A School
Media Gardasil Hype After More Little Girls Killed
The world's oldest cities - Telegraph
Featuring quotes and interesting facts, we list the world's 20 oldest continually-inhabited cities.
Autism Explodes As Childhood Vaccines Increase
Firms are getting billions, but homeowners still in trouble
HIV Does Not Cause AIDS
Gold to track oil, hit $1,500/oz in 2011
Federal SWAT Raid Over . . . Orchids.
500 To 600 More Bank Failures Coming In Next 12 Months As FDIC "Hit List" Plays Out: 2011 A "Good Year" For "True" Merger Activity According To Raymond James Bank Analyst
Italian scientist reproduces Shroud of Turin
U.S. Financial System Systemic Failure Approaches
Do They Need a Lesson In Non-Violence?
US economic power 'is declining'
Dead Man Walking
Entering the Greatest Depression in History
Selenium Helps Remove Mercury from the Body
ElBaradei says nuclear Israel number one threat to Mideast: report
U.S. Suffering Permanent Destruction of Jobs
Air Force Readying Cyber Strikes
2 government studies find autism disorders in 1 in 100 US children
APF Changes Name, Logo & Website To “Diffuse Tension”
Obama: Trilateral Commission Endgame
How the Jews opened America's borders
Fluoridation is money down the drain
The IMF to Play Role of Global Central Bank? The Dollar Needs to be Devalued by Half?
How the Feds Imprison the Innocent
US Elderly death agenda, nursing homes lose funding
The Real Reason the Giant, Insolvent Banks Aren't Being Broken Up
North India's groundwater use raising sea levels by 5%
Dissident Perspective:'Angelic Israeli Settlers'
Jim Sinclair on King World News – Pandora’s Box is Open for Hyperinflation
See Through Walls Using a Wireless Network
Unemployment Figure Soars to 17%
The Cost of Israel to US Taxpayers
Goldman Sachs & J.P. Morgan Quietly Buying Up the Media
Will California become America's first failed state?
Architects of Control : Program One - Mass Control and Future of Mankind
Economy Losing 11,000 Jobs per day since December of 2007. 824,000 Jobs Lost in Statistical Revision: 8 Million Jobs Lost Since Start of Recession. Nationwide Unemployment Rate at 17 Percent.
Let’s Kill Everyone Israel Doesn’t Like
Thimerosal, organic mercury, swine flu and you.
Game Crazy and the Coming Retail Crash
Chemo Does Not Cure: Often It Inflicts Damage and Spreads Cancer
Governor Bush told Houston Journalist: If Elected. "I'm Going to Invade Iraq"
U.S. Pharmaceutical Factories Dumping Huge Quantities of Drugs Into Public Sewers, Rivers and Waterways
The Cost of Israel to US Taxpayers
If The Russians Did This To Us, We’d Kill ‘Em
Personal Bankruptcy Filings Soar
Are New Vaccines Laced With Birth-Control Drugs?
On the Edge with Max Keiser – The U.S. Dollar is Collapsing! - October 2, 2009
Global Warming: The New Word for Mandates and Population Control
Ineffectiveness and Dangers of Flu Shots
Ken Wilber and the New World Order
Are We Possessed?
The Constitution Never Had a Chance
Obama: Trilateral Commission Endgame
World Bank and IMF join global attack on the dollar
US economic decline forges new world order
Film: Loose Change : An American Coup 9/11 – 1-10
Why Are We Unable To Resist?
The Economic Recovery is an Illusion
Police Support Stasi-Like Citizen Tattle Tale Program
Government Riots Against The Public
Muslim Marine Vet Truther Targeted in Massive DHS Raid
When Leaders Fail; We the People Must Lead
Will Israel Ensure that History Repeats Itself?
Israeli Extremists Ignite Third Intifada
We Are Witnesses to a PsyOp Going Bad, Too Soon
The Illusion of Democracy – If We Can Keep It
Internet Death List
On Education, Obama’s First Term Is Bush’s Third
Poll Shows Public Wants Medicare for All
Into the Dark: America’s Descent into a Police State
IDF Terminator Dozer
Times of India Czech Bird Flu Story Source
Ineffectiveness And Dangers Of Flu Shots
Dangers Of Genetically Modified Foods
US 8 Yr Olds With Autism Up 50% In TWO Years
N America Ranks Second In Premature Births
Alas Babylon & The Neanderthal Mind
The Murder Of JFK Jr - Ten Years Later
Makow - Nazi Jew Designed 'Final Solution'?
E. Coli Proven To Clean Up Nuclear Waste
Let's Put An End To ENDA
Microwave Popcorn Loaded With Artificial Sweeteners
So Our 1,000 Years Of History Ends Like This?
How Safe Are Vaccines?
KGB Agent - How To Brainwash A Nation
America - A Nation Of Sad, Suicidal, Depressed, Lonely Women
Why Are We Unable To Resist?
Ahmadinejad Jewish Ancestry? Very Common In Persia
DC And Wall Street Are Destroying The Republic
Wi-Fi Signals Used To See Through Walls
How Israel Recruits Fifth Column In The US
56% US Jews Think US Should Destroy Iran
German magazine Focus: Those who get swine flu shot more likely to get the flu
The Great Poisoning of America Begins, October 2009
86% of Economics professors during Great Depression supported ending the Federal Reserve
Autism: the mercury trail
Ahmadinejad has no Jewish roots
China Has Already Walked Away from Derivatives Contracts
Dow Will Fall to 6,300 by Year End: Portfolio Manager
US Cedes Economic Independence To IMF
UN calls for new reserve currency
U.S. Apartment Vacancies Hit 23-Year High of 7.8%
How Israel bought off UN's war crimes probe
US Politician Wants American Jews to Buy West Bank Homes
Israel approves 900 settler homes - Settlements on occupied territory are considered illegal under international law
Israel Snubs US Request to Halt Settlement
“Israeli Ministries Funding the Rabbi who Endorses Killing Babies”
Demand Congress stop withholding taxes now
U.S. Military Employs “Counterinsurgency” Strategy In Californian City
Taxation, Inflation, and War
The Media As Enablers of Government Lies
Société Générale tells clients how to prepare for 'global collapse'
From Genesis to Genocide in Palestine : The Golem Is Not Jewish!
17 Tax Increases in Senate Health Care Bill = $370.2 Billion
The Israel lobby – The influence of AIPAC on US Foreign Policy
Record US poverty, hunger. Real unemployment rate: 22%. "Leadership" ignores obvious solution
Israel Wounds 3 Palestinians,Rounds Up Dozens In Gaza
Beauty-conscious women put 515 chemicals on their face and body every day
Internet Under Siege
Obamacare A Bonanza For Drug Companies, A Pain For the Public
The Illusion of Democracy in the Modern World
Croatian Priest Says Vaccine for Destruction of Humanity Worldwide
Court Lacks Jurisdiction to Order IRS to Apologize to Taxpayer
Webster Tarpley - False-flag operational structure explained
Military Doublespeak
32% Inflation in UCLA Tuition Causes Near Riots (14 Arrested, 1 Tasered)
Peter Schiff explains Obama's false Chinese policy
West Is East, When Israel Decides
What Is Totalitarianism? - Part II
The Hour of Judgment and the Hour of Need.
Well-Written, Well-Timed: The Dollar Meltdown
The US is Dismayed?
How "Stimulus" Increases Unemployment
Netanyahu party member slams 'racist' Obama
Netanyahu Whines: Israel Is World’s ‘Most Threatened Country’
The $2.5 trillion global oil scam
The ADL's Three "Extremist Conspiracy Theories" In Context And With Evidence
The Critical Unraveling of U.S. Society
U.S. Money: Will Pay to the Bearer on Demand ? Two Photos
UN Lists Vulnerable Palestinian Villages
Home-Purchase Mortgage Filings Plummet -MBA
Home purchase loan applications are at a low not seen since 2000, report says
Fed Trying to Hide Smoking Gun
Purging The Undesirables: ADL Attempts To Pin A Yellow Star On Grass Roots America
State Budgets Spiraling out of Control
Reading Russia on Iran
Microbiologist nabbed by FBI after warning us that vaccine is a bioweapon deployment
Army suicides set another yearly record
Jewish woman arrested over shawl
Sawasya: Israel uses Palestinian prisoners as guinea pigs to test drugs
Belly up: 10 states face imminent bankruptcy
Israel/AIPAC/Palestinians Articles on Israel's Undue Influence
US Troops Wearing UN Colors
American Enslavement
Israel Threatens to Annex Land
The Israeli Occupation of America: How Israel Gained Control of American Foreign Policy and Public Opinion
Five Dancing Israelis Arrested On 9/11
Eggplant Cures Skin Cancer
US lies (yes, dead-on lies) about war in Iraq, Afghanistan; continues crimes against humanity
Global Warfare USA: The World is the Pentagon's Oyster
Meditation 'cuts risk of heart attack by half'
International Law And Israeli Propaganda
Batch of H1N1 vaccine recalled for severe reactions
World Condemns Israeli Settlements
New poll: 53% of Israelis think ethnic cleansing is the solution to the conflict
Confusing people 101
The Death Of John Kennedy - Why Nixon resigned instead of facing impeachment.
The Death Of John Kennedy - Overview
The Death Of John Kennedy - The Dissenting Warren Member
The Death Of John Kennedy - Gerald Ford forced to admit the Warren Report fictionalized
The Death Of John Kennedy - Study Backs Theory of 'Grassy Knoll'
The Death Of John Kennedy - Posthumous book claims Ford knew of CIA coverup in Kennedy assassination
The Death Of John Kennedy - The Last Confessions of E. Howard Hunt
Zionist Control of Britain’s Government: 1940-2009 by William A. Cook
Unconfirmed reports of large numbers of deaths from the vaccine in the Ukraine
Aspirin kills 400% more people than H1N1 swine flu
The Trilateral Commission, John, Hillary, Obama, and the NWO of Feudalism
Priceless: How The Federal Reserve Bought The Economics Profession
Suspicious Swine Flu Numbers (But the Statists Are Gearing Up for the Next Big One)
AIPAC and 1938 Foreign Agents Registration Act
How we lied to put a killer in power
Short History of Israeli Right Wing Terrorism
I nside B r i t a i n's I s r a e l Lobby BACK ONLINE WITH NEW URL
'We Have A Right To Confront The Occupiers'
Obama’s extra-judicial killers
Bagram: A living hell
Rupert Murdoch Is The King Of Climate Change Fearmongery
As Washington Talks Iraq Withdrawal, the Pentagon Builds Up Bases in the Region
Morphine 'might spread cancer'
To President Obama and all 535 voting members of the Legislature,
The Biggest Rip-off of All Time
Thirty Reasons to Doubt the Official Account of 9/11
Iran Showdown Tests Power of "Israel Lobby"
How our governments use terrorism to control us
The War On Consciousness
Are Hate Crimes Legalizing Treason?
Israel Oil Rothschilds with chonology.
UN:Israel Has Secret Prison
Targeting Muslim Charities In America
Roberts - The KSM Trial Will Convict Us All
More Of That 'Non-Existent' Jewish MSM Control, Bias
Is Counterinsugency's Future In America?
US Moving To Third World Model
Christian And Jewish Zionist Diaspora - Part 3
The Terror Which Birthed Israel
Did Israel Kill JFK? Wouldn’t that Suck? « Mantiq al-Tayr
13 Million Negative Equity Homeowners and Negative Equity FDIC: The Shackles of Debt Leverage on the American Economy. FDIC $8.2 Billion in the red with 552 Troubled Banks on the Revised List.
Where the Global Warming H WARMING HOAX WAS BORN
Israel Plans To Deport More Than 20,000 Palestinians From Jerusalem
Vilnai: Next War to Include All Israel
US discussed Iraq regime change a month after Bush took office, senior British officials say
No Way Through
Iraq WMD Lies: The Words of Mass Deception
One in Four Borrowers Under Water
The 1967 War and the Israeli Occupation of the West Bank and Gaza
How Israel Duped US into Fighting their Wars
Have Israeli Spies Infiltrated International Aiports?
Heroin Addicts Pressure President To Stay The Course In Afghanistan
Why Anarchists Should Hurrah The Recession
Questions Regarding The Fort Hood Massacre
Most global banks are still unsafe, warns S&P
Israel-60 Years of Abusing Palestinian
Prostitution "journalism": Yup, mainstream media is intentional propaganda. Accept the evidence
Teenager denied lifesaving transplant in US
Brenda Norrell: US Censorship; Editors the blood is on your hands
Israeli Soldiers Admit to War Crimes During Gaza War
Video: Hacked climate emails include calls for ‘Earth Government’ as foundation of new world order, splitting of America
Let’s Call It What It Is – Quiet Genocide
The Resistance Of The Oppressed
We Are All War Criminals
After the holidays, filing bankruptcy may be only option for many retailers
Population reduction: who will make it and who won’t?
Google CEO Eric Schmidt said Google’s mission is to store all the world’s information
The Critical Unraveling of U.S. Society
D225G Swine flu mutation – Same receptor as 1918 Spanish flu pandemic found in Ukraine virus
The Higher Education Fiscal Crisis Protects the Wealthy
What’s Thanksgiving really all about?
Video: Tarpley – Operation Safe Haven
The Law Still Says That Federal Reserve Notes Are Not Money
The Pending Collapse Of The U.S.A. – Timothy V. Gatto
New World Order/ United Nations/Climategate
Has Israel Been Spying On The United Nations?
FDIC Reports Biggest Drop for Business Loans on Record!!!!!!!!!!
Court Rules Federal Reserve is Privately Owned
The Power to Tax Is The Power to Destroy
The Bankruptcy of the US Is Now Certain
Economic Hitman John Perkins: US predatory capitalism creates poverty, terrorism, and pollution
Spiraling to Bankruptcy
Kosher fried chicken
Approved Chaos, Part I: How the WHO is Using the Swine Flu to Hogtie the US
Swine Flu Alert — Shocking Vaccine Miscarriage Horror Stories
Shlomo Sand Interview:Jews Have No Claim To Palestine,Palestinians More Likely To Be Israelites
Here It Comes... (Sovereign Treasury Sales)
Vegetarian low protein diet could be key to long life
FICO and the Credit Card Financial Prison: How a Three Digit Credit Score Reflects Consumerism and not Financial Independence.
Our Annual Predictions for 2010. Good News and Bad News.
And they want to bring it to AMERICA!
7 stories Barack Obama doesn't want told
The Israeli Spy Ring
Here We Go Again
CLIMATEGATE - Lawrence Solomon: Enron's other secret
10 Films the US Government Would Rather You Not See
Escape a debt, face the IRS
Bankers Arming Themselves, Preparing for Populace Retribution
The Photographer’s Right - A Downloadable Flyer Explaining Your Rights When Stopped or Confronted for Photography
Homeland Security or Homeland Enslavement? – Chuck Baldwin
Why Big Pharma Hates Medical Marijuana – Campaign for Liberty
Feds ‘Pinged’ Sprint GPS Data 8 Million Times Over a Year
The World’s Least Powerful Man – The Obama Puppet – Paul Craig Roberts
MSG Causes Obesity, Hides Behind Many Fake Names
Long Live Secret May Be Right Protein Balance
Wall Street and FDR
Why Is The ADL Promoting Alex Jones?
Ex-ADL Leader Blasts ADL/Foxman
Don't Discount Conspiracy As Origin Of HIV-AIDS
Old Testament Jews Were Actually Christians!
Abolish The Fed
The Sexual Revolution Has Destroyed Women
Cops 'R' The Greatest Threat
The Myths Of Global Warming - Pt 1
Chemical Linked To Cancer In Baby Bottles
Perfecting The Trifecta
Makow - Half Of US Debt Is Owed Zionist Fed
What America Has Done To Afghanistan
Orthodox Jews A Classy Lot - NOT
BPA found in 90% of newborns
CLIMATEGATE - FLASHBACK - Toronto blogger embarrasses NASA climate experts
Old Testament Christianity & The False NWO Messiah
Zionist/Communists' Ethnic Cleansing
Will US Criminalize Anti-Semitism & Criticism Of Israel?
Judaism=Pharisaism=Talmud Said Benjamin Freedman
A Day In Palestine
The Interview Ha’aretz Doesn’t Want You To See
Journalism Just Got A Bit More Radical
Why Switzerland Has The Lowest Crime Rate In The World
Moscow Rejected US Request To Recognize A Jewish State
Abolish The Fed And Return Money Creation Power To Congress
Osama Bin Laden on 9-11
Theodore Roosevelt on Immigrants
Bankruptcy Filings up 100 Percent from 2007: Americans Financially Unable to Meet Current Debt Payments. 85 Percent of Chapter 7 Filings are Classified as No-Assets.
Who Really Are The Rothschild Family
Jenin:A Refugee Camp Who’s Inhabitants Were Slaughtered By Israeli Forces
Deception Has Always Been The Name Of Zionism's Game
Lies of “International Fellowship of Christians and Jews”
5 Reasons that Corporate Media Coverage is Pro-War
How does the U.S. help fund pro-settler IDF troops?
Global Warming Dooms day cults don't want you to see this
Taibbi: Obama’s sellout to Wall Street creates ‘permanent bailout’
Sprint fed customer GPS data to cops over 8 million times
Great Video on ClimateGate
CLIMATEGATE - Cap and Trade Is A Tax and It's a Great Big One
Lennon's Murder
section 19 of coinage act of 1792: death penalty for debasing currency
Zion-power and War: From Iraq to Iran
The Discoverer of HIV Speaks Out
Are Americans Too Broken for the Truth to ‘Set Us Free’?
CO2 Plant air Fertilizer--> increase your pot yield up to 250%
CLIMATEGATE - A SysAdmin’s Perspective
Mega Corruption Scandal At The WHO
We are at war
Yahoo Sells All Its Users Private Email Contents to U.S. Agencies for Small Price
VIRUSGATE - World Health Organisation ‘Mr Swine Flu’ Under Investigation for Gross Conflict of Interest
Why Afghanistan?
Controlling The Minds Of The Masses: How It Is Done And Why
America's Terrorist Ally: A Closer Look at Israel's Role in Terrorism
Israeli Audacity!
RFID passport identity theft made simple
New York: Autopsies Show 2009 H1N1, 1918 Flu Similar
Militaristic, corrupt America increasingly resembles a Third World state.
Why are the oligarchic elites trying so hard to push their climate change policies through right now?
Jim Rogers: Audit the Fed, Then Abolish It
How to make a faraday cage wallet - Protect the private info on all your rfid chips.
Did 2009 mark the beginning of the end of Israel?
"Catastrophic Global Warming", Ecological Brainwashing and World Government
House kills mortgage relief in Wall Street bill
House passes broad Wall Street regulatory overhaul
Are Americans Too Broken for the Truth to Set Us Free?
The Greatest Zionist Myth: Debunked
Doomsday Climate Cultists Attempt to Convert Kids
U.S. Cutting Gaza Lifeline
Bankers Might Be Feeling Publics Wrath-Literally
Millions in U.S. Drink Dirty Water, Records Show
Wake Up America-Current State of Affairs in a Nutshell
Land Of The Puppet People
‘Ecoscience’ blames Judeo-Christian religions for overpopulation, environmental destruction
We’re on the wrong road – Our lives are ruled by deliberate lies – John Kaminski
2010 Ready or Not Here it Comes
Woman Who Invented Credit Default Swaps is One of the Key Architects of Carbon Derivatives, Which Would Be at the Very CENTER of Cap and Trade
Cap and Trade Is A Tax and It’s a Great Big One
Money & The Global Stage
All US Politicians Screened By Israeli Jews!
Reject Any Attack On Iran By Any Nation
Israeli Occupation, Colonialism & Apartheid
Land Of The Puppet People
The Power Elite
American fascism: by political definition the US is now fascist, not a constitutional republic
THE WORLD DOMINANCE GAME - EURASIA - Turkmenistan - Afghanistan - Pakistan Pipeline
Social Security Will Go Bust in 2010
Looting of Social Security
By Order Of Mr. God
REMINDER: US has been threatening Iran with NUCLEAR WAR
For Palestinians, Every Day Is Kristallnacht
War is Good - Obama Nobel Speech
Obama lies: "America has never fought a war against a democracy." Iran 1953, Guatemala 1954, Vietnam
On the demonization of Saddam Hussein and Manuel Noriega
Over 300 Pollutants in U.S. Tap Water
Video: The Hashish Army- Afghanistan. Is this what we are fighting for?????
Israeli Occupation, Colonialism And Apartheid
Ice at the North Pole in 1958 and 1959 – not so thick « Watts Up With That?
Media "Distortions"
Overlooked 150 Year Old Household Cleaner a Remedy for Swine Flu?
Use Cash
At last, some good news: Champagne 'is good for the heart and brain'
Tax Cuts Work 2x Better Than Government Spending to Cure Recession
Portions of the Book of Jeremiah
Over 275,000 Federal Workers Are Tax Deadbeats
Killing the Currency
Change blindness: research and history how Americans are as blind to US fascism as Nazi-era Germans
JFK Assassination. False Flag Attacks: How “Patsies” are Framed – Jim Fetzer and Jim Marrs
Climate Change: Leaders of the Rich World are Enacting a Giant Fraud
Bernanke’s Fake Economic Recovery – Mike Whitney
Carlyle, Kissinger, SAIC and Halliburton: A 9/11 Convergence
MSM: Be Afraid, Be Very Afraid of Obama’s Latest Big Brother Plan
The Who & How They Own & Control It All...
Want To Stick It To The Banks? Join A Credit Union
100 Things You Will Wish You had Stored:
Blind Faith That the Evil Is Always In the Other Guys
The Global Oil Scam: 50 Times Bigger than Madoff
Growing Up Empty: The Hunger Epidemic in America
Video: Ron Paul’s Bill – US behind financial Iron Curtain? – Richard Cook
Are Americans a Broken People? Why We’ve Stopped Fighting Back Against the Forces of Oppression
Secret Reports, Secret Budgets, Secret Operations, Secret Courts … A Secret Government! – Sibel Edmonds
Hope For Financial Freedom – Timothy Baldwin
Obama Is 'The One'
'Religious' Zionism As A New Political Force
Israel's Leaders On The Run
An imperialist American government
Osama bin Laden, a myth or reality
Replaying 1960–UN Troops Once Again Slaughtering Civilians in Congo
AfPak is all about the New Great Game for the control of Eurasia
Beyond Afghanistan: A Time to Break Silence
Iraq War Was For Israel - Not Iraqi Oil
NASA Shows Quiet Sun Means Cooling of Earth's Upper Atmosphere
Queen Elizabeth Worth $33 Trillion
The Holy Land Then And Now
Ancient Greeks Aligned Temples With The Sun
Breaking Point - Top Trends by Gerald Celente
Aspartame alert: Diet soda destroys kidney function
Kaminski on Jewish control of the American mind
Are Americans a Broken People? Why We’ve Stopped Fighting Back Against the Forces of Oppression
Fox News Covers Mass Drugging of Society with Lithium
The Strategy Behind Same Sex Marriage
Israeli Bolshevik Murderers Terrified Of Foreign Arrest
Stunning Statistics About the War Every American Should Know
A surge at $57,077.60 a minute
The Dark Gray Swan: No More Foreign Dollars With Which To Buy US Treasuries
Goldman’s Global Oil Scam Passes the 50 Madoff Mark!
Disappearing sunspots may signal end to global warming
Afghanistan: Troops Guarding the Poppy Fields
Stunning Statistics About the War Every American Should Know
Study Shows High Fructose Corn Syrup May Cause Obesity, Diabetes, Heart Disease
The Art of Strategic Counterintelligence
The Scientific Manipulation of Our Reality
Bended Knees: Zionist Power in American Politics
10 Reasons to Kill the Senate Bill
Israeli Soldier Chased a Kindergarten Girl «Kawther Salam
Personal Diary/Blog and Documentation of War Crimes and Crimes against Humanity commited by Israel against Palestinians.
JFK and the Unspeakable: Why He Died and Why It Matters
Stock Up On Incandescent Light Bulbs In Fact, Buy a Lifetime Supply of Them!
The Nightmare Before Christmas
Zionism And The Third Reich
The Anthrax Attacks
‘Israel Poisons Palestinian Soil, Newborns’ - Researchers
Lenders reject homeowners who apply for Obama plan
Ahmadinejad to seek UN compensation for WWII
Zionist Israel's Thermonuclear Blackmail Of America
Vanunu Confirms Israel's Global Thermonuclear Blackmail
Advisers on Vaccines Often Have Conflicts, Report Says
MP3 of interview with Russ Baker author of "Family of Secrets" about the Bush family
Project Censored's list of top 25 censored stories from the past year.
The revolution will be won in a single day
"Nobel Peace Prize Winner Barack Obama, is Preparing for War in South America"; Interview with Eva Golinger
Rod Blagojevich set up by the NWO!
Remembering Palestine's Last Christmas
Credit Card Debt up to 15 Percent of Annual Household Income. Average Credit Card Debt in 1980 was $670 and Today it is up to $7,800. The Slimy World of Credit Card Lending.
Turning Tricks, Cashing In on Fear
Hundreds fall ill after having swine flu jab
Bottled water sales dry up; industry asks ‘why?’
Lay down his life for another
“It is time for us to put an end to this occupation”
ATMs: The Hidden Cost of Convenience
Economists Are Trained to Ignore the Real World
ORGANGATE - FLASHBACK - Israeli doctors experimented on children
Google - Zionist Engine Of Mind And Genetic Control
Autism Jumps 57% In Just 4 Years
The History Of The House Of Rothschild
When Does Tyranny Become Treason?
The Credit Crisis is Not Over – Bob Chapman
CHINA: ‘The world does not have Money to buy more US Treasuries’
Aspartame alert: Diet soda destroys kidney function
Avoiding Insurance Industry Collapse By Forcing the People to Buy Their Scam
False flag operations from Amman to Zambia
At 1:00am They Sealed the Country’s Fate
The Beginning of the End–Running Out of Food Next Year
The Difference Between ISLAM and “Radical Islam”
CIA working with Palestinian security agents
Fake Heritage
Supreme Court Guts Due Process Protection
Obama Year One - Betrayal And Failure - Part 1
Maitreya And The Coming Global Religion
Americans Are Hell-Bent on Tyranny
Russian expert calls for 'stick' approach toward Israel
Under ObamaCare, Prepare To Wait 18 Months To See A Doctor
Turning children into Orwellian eco-spies
See sunspots run
Beware the Psychopath, My Son
Video: Top 5 Reasons to Kill the Senate Healthcare Bill – Shelly Roche
The 90-Minute Stand Down on 9/11: Why Was the Secret Service’s Early Request for Fighter Jets Ignored?
More Orthodox Jewish Sexual Shenanigans
Delusion Prevents Revolution
Electricity through cow dung
The War On Palestine Enters the Genetic Level
Israel Vilifies Its 'Strong' Critics
Jesus Birthplace Under Jewish Military Occupation
2010 Food Crisis For Dummies
Who Really Saved the Global Economy?
While You Were Sleeping...The Economy Collapsed
Small-business bankruptcies rise 81% in California
"Monetary Policy" Transfers Your Children's Future Earnings to the Financial Elite
The Old Testament and the War Crime in Gaza by Gilad Atzmon
Obamacare To Cost Middle Class Families $15,000 A Year
Why Iranians Love and Loathe Ahmadinejad and Think Nuclear Technology's Their Right
Iran Had a Democracy Before We Took It Away
Redefining Zionism for all God’s Creatures!
Marjorie Cohn: Obama's Af-Pak War is not just deadly and counterproductive: it's illegal
Bernanke and the Corruption of Washington Culture
Holocaust Hoax Extortion Defenders Losing Disinfo War
Maitreya & The Coming Global Religion - Pt 2
Obama Year One - Betrayal & Failure - Part II
Payback - As A Thought Form
Fluoride Fears Spark Filter Rush
Bended Knees - Zionist Power In American Politics
Our Alamo Against The Jewish New World Order
Merry Christmas
Israel Has No Intention of Granting a Palestinian State
Israel’s Settlement On Capital Hill
Dollar vs EURO -- Weapons of Mass Destruction
The world’s worst radiation hotspot
The Occupied West Bank Latroun Villages
The Lap Bomber Mystery
Small-business bankruptcies rise 81% in California
Mysterious Earth's Core Plume Shifting the Magnetic North Pole
THE SUITED MAN: Unidentified man helped Mutallab board Amsterdam plane without passport
Did Northwest Atempted Bomber Mutallab Get On Plane Without Passport?
Arrest of Farouk Umar Abdul Mutallab Raises Serious Questions Over Delta Airline Incident in Detroit
We're Screwed!
Iran’s Growing Revolution vs. the Democrat’s Intervention
How the Fed's Massive MBS Purchases Harm Banks
Commenter says he was aboard NWA Flight 253, saw suspected terrorist board the plane
An Avatar Awakening
Obamacare sparking 10th Amendment rebellion, action in seven states
Americans Are Hell-Bent on Tyranny
Cash-strapped US running out of unemployment money
Cut Wall Street Out! How States Can Finance Their Own Economic Recovery
Just 16 Ships Expel as Much Pollution as All the Cars in the World
Should I buy real estate or rent?
Obama Surrenders U.S. Sovereignty: His INTERPOL Executive Order
Have Americans Traded Freedom for Security?
Ethanol burns dirtier than gasoline, study finds
Politics and Emotions
America Under Barack Obama
The EPA: They Don’t Need No Stinkin’ Climate Treaty | WHAT REALLY HAPPENED
Thomas Woods : States Can Nullify Unconstitutional Federal Laws!
Why I Fear for my Country
Omega-3s help stave off age-related vision loss
The Curious Cancer from the Country of Rothschildlandia
Detroit jet terrorist attack was staged - journalist
Ron Paul Says Agenda Behind Bombing Incident Is More War, More Attacks On Liberty
Grow-your-own to replace false teeth
Obama Approves $30 Billion Military Aid To Israel Over Next Decade
Israel Rules
Ron Paul Warns Of Secret Plans To Create International Central Bank
Taking Down The FED With RICO
Notable Quotes about FED and Media
The Bush Family Business
Israel Rules
The Decade Of Tyranny – Alex Jones, Steve Watson and Paul Watson
Are Presidents Afraid of the CIA? – Ray McGovern
Sen. Hatch admits GOP ’standard practice’ was to run up deficit
MSM: Home equity lines have dried up across U.S.
Lavon affair
Mossad Tied to ‘Underwear Bomber’
Israel's connection to 9-11.
The Jewish Matrix of Power in America
Mossad, CIA Behind Christmas Plane Bombing Attempt
Video: Everything you HAVE TO KNOW about Dangerous Genetically Modified Foods
Video: Second Wave Of Mortgage Defaults
How the US Government Created the ‘Drug Problem’ in the USA
Bernanke’s to Blame – It’s Not Our Fault – Peter Schiff
Flight 77 Cockpit Door Never Opened During 9/11 “Hijack”
Video: FOOD STAMPS PROFITS – how JP Morgan gets rich with increased poverty
AGAIN!! Fighter Jets Scrambled Because of Unruly Airline Passenger
There Is NO Economic Recovery Happening
The World’s Worst Terrorists Based In Washington
Trilateral Geithner: Corrupted Regulator?
Why I Am Excited About 2010
The Last Whimper of American Labor Movement
America has an impressive record of starting wars but a dismal one of ending them well.
The coming fury of an angry America
Obama and the Global Police: More Friendly Fascism?
Society’s Hypocrisy Over Pedophila
Language of the law seems designed to promote ignorance
Fascism in America
Lebanon, Next War Front, Maybe Any Day Now
The Recession Is Over - The Depression Just Beginning
WHO Scientists Corruption Scandals Appear Endemic
Who Are Their Prey? All Of Us
Ed Brown Receives Virtual Death Sentence for Resisting Government
401k/IRA Screw Job Coming?
Obama’s TSA Nominee Targets Anti-Government Christians
Fitch: U.S. State and Federal Debt to Hit 94% of GDP
The Big Lie and the Paradigms of Deceit
The Christmas Bomber and the Fraudulent War on Terror
Things We've Forgotten
Bankergate: Emails Expose Criminal Financial Dictatorship At Work
If Government Won't Break Up the Giant Banks, Let's Do It Ourselves
“Gaza” – The writings on the Wall
Reality check: If China "liberated" US like we "liberated" Iraq, here’s how we would look
Pizza shop heckler: Bush Sr. a ‘murderous, Zionist piece of shit’
Danish neocons stage phony terrorist plot
The Criminal Nature of the Zionist Controlled Press
War is theft Golden Lily & the M Fund
More evidence emerges that Americans are drugged out of their minds
AIDS: The great medical con
IRS Commissioner Does Not Do His Own Taxes Because of Complexity of Code
David Ray Griffin's new essay: Phone Calls from the 9/11 Airliners
Israel celecrates terrorism
Welcome to Prison-Prone America
Congressman seeking to bar Iranians from US
“Gaza” – The writings on the Wall
The Big Lie and the Paradigms of Deceit
Everything Our Government and Media Tells Us Is Fake!
Video: Drug firms made ‘false H1N1 claims’
The Nazis And Free Masonry
Truth Will Prevail - Israel's Murderous Collective
The Anatomy Of America's Defeat In Afghanistan
Zionists Freak Out As Truth Spoken On C-Span
Bits & Pieces - Pt 1
Michelle Obama's Staff
Queen Pelosi's Private Air Force Jet - Beyond Disgusting
Thomas Paine Video - Falsehoods And Propaganda
Stupid USA Headed To Africa
Bush Coverup Of 'Greatest' Food Shortage Feared
Fulford - As The Swamp Is Drained, The Phonies Are Exposed
Edgar Degas - An 'Anti Semite' For Our Times
‘West using Israel as proxy to dominate Mideast’
President Obama Signs Executive Order on National Guard Use
Feisty Little Lamb of God In the Wolves’ Den
If you want a picture of the future, imagine a boot stamping on a human face – for ever.
Fmr Detainee: U.S. Staged Terror Attack
Pashtuns One of the “Lost Tribes” of Israel?
How Goldman Sachs Made Tens Of Billions Of Dollars From The Economic Collapse Of America In Four Easy Steps
Obama Regulation Czar Advocated Removing People’s Organs Without Explicit Consent
Obama Information Czar Outlined Plan For Government To Infiltrate Conspiracy Groups
Dollar Crisis Looms if US Doesn't Curb Debt: Experts
FLASHBACK - Haiti’s hunger made in USA
Foreclosures May Rise to Record 3 Million U.S. Homes This Year
FLASHBACIK - US, IMF role in Haiti’s food riots
Meritocracy and Jewish kinship networks
ACLU Official Says It Is Not Realistic to Screen Air Passengers Against the Full Terrorist Watchlist
Fake gold bars in Bank of England and Fort Knox
US Foreclosures Up 21% in 2009
The Politics of Contraband (Clinton years)
Wolf Blitzer: From AIPAC Lobbyist to CNN's Chief News Anchor
Europe in Crisis
Judaized Christianity: Front for New World Order -- Sen. McCarthy
Haiku Valley (Oahu) History
Are Americans only hearing one side of the story? - Re-run on Israeli influence in US
Unhealthy Diets Fuel Depression
Using Inhalers Too Often Can Make Asthma Worse
Mark Glenn - Christians To Be Israel's Scapegoat
Congress Cuts Americans' Financial Throats
An Ancient Labyrinth of Lies
Israeli Prohibitions Against Freedom Of Expression
Obama's Propaganda Mind Control Team
Washington Moves to Control Iran’s Revolution
Genetically Modified Organism News
Is a U.S. Default Inevitable?
Haitian Earthquake: Why the Blood Is on Our Hands
Defamation, Must be Seen!!! A Film Review by Gilad Atzmon
Fake Gold Bars in Fort Knox!
GLD ETF Warning, Tungsten Filled Fake Gold Bars
Yes, It’s Okay To Walk Away From Your Mortgage
Plant could save millions from malaria
Neo-Fascism in America-A Short History of the Rockefeller and Bush Families
Palestine Pre-1947
Vitamin D levels not enough for winter: Study
Greg Bacon On CHRISTIANS, Corruption, Insider Trading & Slimebags
When Does It Become Genocide?
11 Clear Signs That The U.S. Economy Is Headed Into The Toilet
Liberals Call for Moving Money Out of Large Banks
WOW if ever there was a reason to audit the fed...
2010: Giant Gathering Storm Clouds
Bible Possibly Written Centuries Earlier, Text Suggests | WHAT REALLY HAPPENED
Blackwater/XE behind terrorist bombings in Asia and Africa?
Hawaii is not legally a state!
Why the US Owes Haiti Billions:The Briefest History
From Blackwater to Xe, the Templar Crusade
Tense Anniversary For Overthrow of Hawaiian Kingdom
6 Simple Ways to Dramatically Cut Costs of Medical Care — at Zero Expense to Taxpayers
Haitians Have Had 100 Years of This-They Don't Need More
Real Faith
The Militarization of Emergency Aid to Haiti: Is it a Humanitarian Operation or an Invasion?
Obama Executive Order Seeks to "Synchronize and Integrate" State and Federal Military Forces
The Right Testicle of Hell: History of a Haitian Holocaust
Thousands of Americans died from H1N1 even after receiving vaccine shots
FDA says it's unable to regulate BPA
What Happened to the Institute for the Study of Globalization and Covert Politics
Gold Buying Contributing To Criminality?
Banking System “a Long Way from Healthy,” Ken Rogoff Says
Pentagon Accountants Killed in 9/11 Attacks Day After Rumsfeld Admitted $2.3 Trillion Missing
The Gates Foundation and Monsanto Working Hand-in-Hand
Reports: Blackwater is "protecting" in Haiti
Family of Secrets
West Seeks To Occupy Mideast Under The Banner Of Democracy
Christian Versus Zionist Jew
Disaster Capitalism Headed To Haiti
Jewish Control Of The Catholic Mind
Arab Nationalist Movement & The Intl Jewish Zionist Enemy
Hazardous Bisphenol-A Embedded Deeply In Modern Life
Drugs In Our Drinking Water
Israel Thrives On Paranoia
Haiti - The Rulers Luck?
Why Is US Media Mum On Israeli Role In Flt 253?
George Ure - Six Great Quakes To Come
Huge SA Crime Rate And Its Racial Profile
Zimbabwe - Of Bee Eaters & Baboon Spiders
How The Illuminati Got WWII Japanese Plunder
Horowitz - Doctors Poisoned By Medical-Media Monopoly
Edgar J. Steele Survives A Heart Incident...Barely
The American Peoples' Gold? - It's All Gone, Folks
Is Israel Sovereign?
'Defamation' - Astonishing New Film On Anti-Semitism Reviewed
Makow - Gun To Our Head? Sexual Liberation & Satanism
IMF to Haiti: Freeze Public Wages
Forecast: Debt to dwarf GDP
Israel and American Foreign Policy
From Deceptive Boardrooms to Closed-Minded Thinking... How The Fatally Flawed Medical System Killed More Americans with Just One Drug than the Entire Vietnam War
William Lind on Political Correctness: Or why the Fifties were better
Blackwater's Owner Has Spies for Hire
By way of Deception: Assassinations Occur
Is The U.S. Economy Being Tanked By Mistake or By Intent?
Know the TRUTH about the Government Health Care Bill H.R.3200 - Key Points
To Save Haiti - Fire Gen 'Brownie' Keen, Start Air Drops, Cancel The Debt, Kick Out The IMF
The 60s: Assassinations, a School Shooting, and Nazi Gun Control
The 911Truth-Blind U.S. Corporate Media: PUBLIC ENEMY NUMBER ONE (Re-linked in honor of Cass Sunstein)
Open Complicity: Anatomy of the 911 Cover-Up (8 parts)
Jumping Through The Hoops For America’s Imperialist Wars.
A North American Security Perimeter on the Horizon
Wal-Mart greedy Walton family exposed
Will Globalists Trigger Yet Another World War?
The NWO System is Designed to Fail
Avatar Half-Tells a Story We Would All Prefer to Forget
Video: EMU Part 1 – If any of this surprises you, then you have been living under a rock for ten years
11,000 Veterans were exposed to HIV because the VA hospital didn't bother sterilizing the proctoscopes between exams?
Superman Racist?
Israeli hand in Iraq's Abu Ghraib exposed
Fructose: Sweet, But Dangerous
Haiti Has Larger Oil Reserves Than Venezuela Says Scientists (An Olympic Pool Compared to a Glass of Water)
The Merchants of Fear: Israel’s Profiting from Homeland Insecurity
The End of Israel and The Rise of Palestine
Israel's Assassination Policy
After Stealing Palestinian Organs, Now It’s Haiti’s Turn
Monsanto GM Corn Causing Organ Failure In Rats Study: Everything You Need To Know
U.S. Housing Starts Down 39% in 2009
We're Executing Gitmo Prisoners and Calling It Suicide
“War on terror” as a cover for US terrorism
H1N1 swine flu hoax falls apart at the seams
Is America Moving Right?
US Security Company Offers to Perform "High Threat Terminations" and to Confront "Worker Unrest" in Haiti
Outsourcing War - Rise Of Private Military Contractors
Looting Social Security (who, when, why, & how)
Fight For Your Life
What Bush Did to Haiti
Are We in Haiti because of Oil?
Obama authorizes covert economic war against Venezuela
SCOTUS: “$$$ = Speech, Corporations = People, & Fuck Democracy!”
“Accepting Various Truths”
Girl, 19, left battling blindness after taking Tamiflu (and she didn't even have swine flu)
Store or Starve A beginner’s guide to food storage
The Secret Bank Bailout
Is The H1N1 Vaccine Safe? Shocking Stories From Pregnant Women Who Have Had Miscarriages After Taking The Swine Flu Vaccine
Hurting People for a Living
The Militia Question Resolved : Second Amendment 101
Ron Paul: After ‘CIA coup,’ agency ‘runs military’
Film: Global Eugenics – Using Medicine To Kill (2010)
Film: The American Matrix – Age Of Deception (2010)
Film: The Decline And Fall Of America (2008)
Will France Pay Back Haiti the Billions They Stole ?
You Can’t Both Support the Troops and the Constitution
Ominous Signs Are Aligned: Not A Particularly Good Sign (11-09)
Video: Hijacked Nation
Failed End Of The World Prophecies 30 AD To 1920 AD
The Yellowstone Eruption & The Book Of Revelation
How Can Localities Cope If The Dollar Crashes?
Seven Days Of Indifference
Know A Veteran Who Was Refused Help?
Nation-Building Should Begin At Home
Dealing With The Truth And USING It
Occult Power Running Canadian Parliament?
Russian Mind Control Discoveries Given To US
MKULTRA Mind Control
60 Year History Of Psychotronic Weapons
Have The Will Of A Lion
Study finds Britons are descended from farmers who left Iraq and Syria 10,000 years ago | Mail Online
After studying the DNA of more than 2,000 men, researchers say they have compelling evidence that four out of five white Europeans can trace their roots to the Near East.
No Deaths from Vitamins, Minerals, Amino Acids Or Herbs
A Closer Look At Israel's Role In Terrorism - Pt 1
A Closer Look At Israel's Role In Terrorism - Pt 2
A Closer Look At Israel's Role In Terrorism - Pt 3
Ron Paul: After ‘CIA coup,’ agency ‘runs military’
The U.S. Slave Rebellion of 2010.
Mumbai Police Seized a 5kg. Ball of Uranium, Possibly Headed for Pakistan
The Israeli Rape Of Palestine
Netanyahu, Hegel And The Jewish Spirit
Afghanistan ­ Winning Will Not Matter
AIPAC And Zionist Jews Run America
'Popular Music' - A Key Illuminati Tool
Why Is The US Military Occupying Four Airports In Haiti?
Big Banks Have Already Figured Out The Loophole In Obama’s New Rules
One quarter of US grain crops fed to cars - not people, new figures show
US Labor Force, 1850 - 2000 (interactive graph)
25 State Unemployment Funds Bankrupt; Credit Card Defaults at Record Levels; Look on the Bright Side
U.S. Heading for Hyperinflationary Collapse, Ruling Elite Preparing for Civil War
Democrats consider dropping insurance ban on pre-existing conditions
Happiness in Slavery
A Giant Leap Towards Fascism
The 'Chosen Ones' Kosher List
Why Did the ‘Stimulus’ Fail to Help the Economy?
A Primer on How to Successfully Challenge a Foreclosure
Under the Wire and into the Freeedom Land
Get Naked: It’s Good for Your Brain
The Federal Reserve Has Failed Miserably
Will Corporatism Destroy Democracy in America?
Economic Black Hole: 20 Reasons Why The U.S. Economy Is Dying And Is Simply Not Going To Recover
FLASHBACK - Operation Sarkozy : how the CIA placed one of its agents at the presidency of the French Republic
The World is Insane
The Secret of Oz
450,000 at risk in foreclosure-prevention program
US Contractors sent to Haiti to Kill Cvilians
Wars Without Heroes
America’s Impending Master Class Dictatorship
Ending Central Banking is the Only Real Banking Reform
J.D. Rockefeller formed the A.M.A.
Report: Canada's former ambassador to Iran was CIA spy
The Rule of Law Has Been Lost
Haiti: Bonanza for Foreign Mining Companies
Ron Paul Warns Of Coming “Social And Political Chaos”
Our Supreme Court Has Lost Its Mind
Vitamin D guards against bowel cancer, research suggest
Yellowstone's Plumbing Reveals Plume of Hot and Molten Rock 410 Miles Deep
Ronald Reagan: B Film Actor, Ladies' Man and FBI Snitch
COINTELPRO - FBI Activities in Hollywood
Haiti: Bonanza for Foreign Mining Companies
The Largest Tax Increase in US History
The Supreme Court Just Handed Anyone, Including the Chinese Govt., Control of Our Democracy
Is the Senate Bill the "Right" Thing?
Iraq littered with high levels of nuclear and dioxin contamination, study finds
Zero deaths caused by vitamins, minerals, amino acids or herbs
Is 'Al Qaeda' the Modern Incarnation of 'Emmanuel Goldstein'?
Low Interest Rates and Easy Credit Are Catastrophes in Any Economy
OVERWHELMING Falsehoods Created by Obama
ECB prepares legal grounds for euro rupture as Greece festers
NASA Global Warming Alarmist Endorses Book That Calls For Mass Genocide
The United States’ slide to corporatocracy
Doug Casey Says Bet Against Wall Street, Bonds, and after a few months the U.S. Dollar
Obama: Counterfeit Change and No-Excuse Lies
Auschwitz survivor: ‘Israel acts like Nazis’
“What I Saw That Day…Israel’s 1967 Holocaust of American Servicemen Aboard The USS Liberty And Its Aftermath”
Obama's proposed budget cuts spare foreign aid
Focus on Haiti: Washington's Militarized Takeover
Jews use Holocaust as propaganda weapon, says Catholic bishop
Banks pull another $1 billion from small business lending
Osama bin Laden, A.K.A. CIA Asset "Tim Osman"
Zionism: The Dead End of the Oppressor Review of Zionism: The Real Enemy of the Jews
Bankers Plan to Enslave Humanity with Illusion of Money
Media control, bribes, and threats!
Obama Administration Orders World Bank To Keep Third World In Poverty
New evidence shows selenium and omega-3s prevent colon cancer
"Was the Universe Created By A Big Bang?" -Several of the World's Leading Cosmologists Say "No"
Swine Flu & Bird Flu Never Happened: Probe into H1N1 False Pandemic
Haiti - A Harbinger For Accelerating Third World Misery
Castro - We Send Doctors, Not Soldiers
Anyone Against 'Audit The Fed' Is The Enemy
Over 100 megs of official records and photos detailing government lies to We The People, this website started as a subpage of a website designed to promote my film career.
States Can Tell The Feds To Shove It
Jews, Generals And The US War Machine
Why Are US/UK Governments Creating Mass Hysteria? - Pt 1
The Shoa Must Go On
Haiti Hypocrisy Hides Another War Crime in Gaza
Zionist Hate Speeches
The 2010 DHS Surveillance Technology Wish list (or, What To Watch Out For)
Court Rules That Mass Surveillance of Americans is Immune From Judicial Review
“Israel” plans to repatriate ‘lost Jewish tribe’ in India
Congratulations! You’re donating $2,000 per family to Wall Street’s Bonuses
Karen Quinn-Tostado – The Coming Massive National Strike Against Today’s Oppressive Tyranny
How Bush's grandfather helped Hitler's rise to power
The Real Reason Hemp is Illegal
Phil Tourney's “What I Saw That Day" "Israel’s 1967 Holocaust of American Servicemen Aboard The USS Liberty And Its Aftermath”
Whoa, Walter!
Rule by the Rich
Haiti’s Oil, Gold & Iridium Resources Explains the Post Earthquake Occupation/Invasion
West Coast Wasteland
More Signs of the Moral Decline of the West
Potential False Flag Attack To Be Blamed On Muslims Foiled
Oscar-winning US filmmaker Oliver Stone says Adolf Hitler was 'enabled by Western bankers'
Is the Prosecutor Protecting Madoff's Fellow Conspirators?
Compact Fluorescent Lights Dumping Mercury Directly into Landfills
Calcium and vitamin D supplements reduce the risk of bone fractures in everyone, young and old
Haiti Gets a Penny of Each U.S. Aid Dollar
Democracy in America Is a Useful Fiction
Next Target Of Zionists Banksters - 401k Retirement Funds
The Khazar Jewish Plan - Stunning Letter Of 1928
Thierry Meyssan - Haiti And The Seismic Weapon
The Holocaust Backfires
The Rapture, Translation And Transfiguration
The Truth About Israel Gets Out On C-Span
Presidential assassinations of U.S. citizens
Obama’s War for Oil in Colombia
Your Retirement Plan Will Soon Become Washington's ATM Machine
Game Over for the American Middle Class – Inflation Adjusted Wages up 20 Percent in Last 20 Years While Housing Costs are up 56 Percent and Healthcare Costs are up 155 Percent.
Ginseng Reverses Lung Damage in Asthma
Rising Turkey Versus Receding Arabs
Why I consider myself a Libertarian
Israeli Satire Of Haiti Tragedy
Bernhard of the World Wild Life Fund
Charlotte Iserbyt - Deliberate Dumbing Down of the World
Anti-Israelism: Why Zionism Doesn’t And Can’t Get It
The State of the Nation: I am afraid
If You Rebuild It, They Will Come, by Paul Shirley
See Who Was Paid Off In The AIG Bailout
Drug firms 'drove swine flu pandemic warning to recoup £billions spent on research'
The Kidnapping of Haiti – John Pilger
China pulls financial plug on Western debt
US Homeowners: Sell your home now!
BANKSTERS hit Main Street $11 Trillion taken in Heist!
Will we see double digit interest rates from the 1980s?
Empty McMansions, Spoiled Government Workers and the Barrage of Illegal Aliens; the Death of Orange County
20 Reasons The US Will Never Recover & Why
Canada is world’s largest sub-prime lender
Video: This Common Food Ingredient Can Really Mess Up Your Metabolism
Video: Democratic Education – Left-Libertarian
The Danger behind the Fed's Exceptional Profits
Researcher: Israel destroyed Palestinian books
Germany court summons bishop over Holocaust denial
Mossad orchestrated Christmas Day bomb plot
It's None of Your Business! Ron Paul on the trouble with the US census.
Secret Banking Cabal Emerges From AIG Shadows
Banksters Fight Back: Deficiency Judgments
The tree-lined bunkers that could change the face of the Middle East
Official US policy: kill American citizens when President/Fuhrer declares them “terrorist”
Charge of the Sarah Palin Rough Riders
WHO Scientist: Swine Flu Pandemic Was “Completely Exaggerated”
A Conservative Estimate of Total Direct U.S. Aid to Israel: Almost $114 Billion
Water vapour could be behind warming slowdown
The Hidden Side of Psychiatry
Does Israel Use The Holocaust as a Blackmail Weapon? Video
We Got Shoe Bombers, crotch bombers and We got Israel
Obama is Asked: Why Haven't You Condemned Israel & Egypt's Human Rights Violations Against Palestine
The bogus "land swap" deal
Jewish settlers seek to recruit Indian immigrants to occupied territories
How many other Holocausts have occurred and why are they not remembered?
Gaza donates to Haiti
List of countries by current account balance
Battle Of The Titans - JPMorgan Vs Goldman Sachs
China, AIG And The Derivatives Market
Silent Milestone
They Don't Own Shovels, Crowbars Or Even Gloves!
The Myth Of Nazi Persecution Of Gays
Holocaust A Jewish Invention - Top Polish Bishop
Who Is Herman Rockefeller & Why Does it Matter?
Alan Hart - Israel Is Responsible For Growing Anti-Semitism
Obama's State Of The Union Bald-Faced Lies
'A Deathless Suicide' - Man Regrets Sex Change
Corporations are not people and money is not speech
Another U.S. War? Obama Threatens China and Iran
Over 100 megs of official records and photos detailing government lies to We The People, this website started as a subpage of a website designed to promote my film career.
Tony Blair is guilty of mass murder
Enemies Of Free Speech Call For Internet Licensing
16 Lies in 7 minutes: State of the Union Video Breakdown
War spending surges in President Obama's budget
Useful Lies, Useless Lives
Timeline of antisemitism
Israeli organ traffickers blame (I am not shitting you) the Holocaust!
Read the rest of: Archaeology in Jerusalem: Digging Up Trouble.
Banks & Telemarketers in Cahoots, Class Says
We are tired of paying the price.
TARP rescue failing to meet key goals
Pirates for America
National Strike!
Flasback: The Murder of Martin Luther King Was An Act of State
Banks are charging 'highest interest rate on personal loans in a decade'
The Conscience of Honest Israelis
The Pro-Life Assault on Ron Paul and the Constitution
Resist DC: The State Authority and Anti-Racketeering Act
CHILDREN IN LOCKDOWN, Part 1: Solitary Confinement of Teens in Adult Prisons
The Obama Brand: Feel Good While Overlords Loot the Treasury and Launch Imperial Wars
Haiti arrests 10 US citizens for child smuggling
"Modern Money Mechanics" by Federal Reserve...Explained
Obama shamelessly shills for the Israeli war party
The Terror Card: Fear is the Key to Obedience
The 90-Minute Stand Down on 9/11: Why Was the Secret Service’s Early Request for Fighter Jets Ignored?
9/11 FEMA Videographer at Ground Zero Goes Public
The Palestine You Don't Know:Pre-Occupation
Breaking the Silence publishes shocking testimonies from women who served Occupation
What the TV doesn’t tell us about Haiti
Obama's Outreach to Americans: Empty Rhetoric, Business As Usual
California controller: State will run out of cash before April
Anti-Israelism: Why Zionism doesn't and can't get it
The Merchants of Fear: Israel's Profiting from Homeland Insecurity
Cell phone ban does not reduce accidents: California revenue scheme exposed as complete fraud
Obama's DOJ Clears Torture Memo Authors John Yoo, Jay Bybee of Professional Misconduct
Settler Rabbi publishes “The complete guide to killing non-Jews”
Breaking News: Solar Flare To Hit Earth in 2012
We are the Government here to help
We've Been Neo-Conned!
The U.S. Constitution: The 18th Century Patriot Act
Is Corporate Personhood the End of Democracy?
Israel, Please, No More Bin Laden Tapes, Nobody is Buying It!
Video: Obama lies about his lies : Re: Health Care coverage on C-span
Islam4UK Exposed As British Intelligence Front
Fish oil supplements 'beat psychotic mental illness'
Deepening Debt Crisis: The Bernanke Reappointment: Be Afraid, Very Afraid
FLASHBACK - Israel Establishes Undercover Group of Paid Internet Propagandists
Island residents sue U.S., saying military made them sick
Obama Lies 7 Times In Under 2 Minutes!
Thick as Thieves: The Private (and very profitable) World of Corporate Spying
Year of the Rat -- I Mean, Census
American Secession Project
One in Five Americans Believe States Have the Right to Secede
Obama Administration Vision: War Without End
Canadians Contract Guillain-Barre Syndrome After Swine Flu Shot In Same Doctor’s Office
Barack Obama in the Crosshairs: Is the military threatening to kill Obama over US war policy? 1 of 2
Barack Obama in the Crosshairs: Is the military threatening to kill Obama over US war policy? 2 of 2
The Fort Knox Conundrum: Chinese say they received bogus bars of gold traced to U.S.
A CIA Propaganda Apparatus Aimed At The American People
Russia, China and the American free lunch
Air marshals say system a complete failure, another 9/11 could happen
Putin & The Jewish War On Iran
The Depressing News About Antidepressants
Obama Surrendering Internet To Foreign Powers
Fluoride Is Killing Us
Adventure At High Altitude
Kevin McDonald - Mel Gibson Is Back!
Why The Bankers Love The Left
Roy Tov - Get It, Gantz!
Oz 8 and 9 Year Olds Boast About Having Oral Sex
The Protocols Of The Elders Of Zion
Man-Boobs And Celebrity Death
We, The People, Call For Total National Strike April 15-18
Kawther - Is EU Helping Mossad Commit Intl Terror?
The Beast Of Global Government
Haiti Debt Crisis - How The IMF Will 'Own' The Country
Mysterious Gamma-Ray Flashes - HAARP?
Zimbabwe - 'Just Push In'
An Ode To Entrepreneurs - A Swan Song
Hiding Lockheed During WWII - What Are We Hiding NOW?
Devvy - Are We Supposed To Be Impressed?
NASA - Mystery Gamma-ray Flashes In Atmosphere
Study: Hunger in America jumps ‘unprecedented’ 46 percent
Dr. Norman Finkelstein at the University of Waterloo
Video: Mind blowing speech by Robert Welch in 1958 predicting Insiders plans to destroy America
Verichip is now called PositiveID! Roll up your sleeve for the implantable human microchip, it’s now Positive?
We are the shadow government running the United States
Le Cercle and the struggle for the European continent
The Declassified Record of Amb. Otto Juan Reich–Off. Public Diplomacy
Head of Reagan’s Disinformation Network Still Undermining Nations, Honduran Coup
Back to Jerusalem: And it’s Burning!
Idealogues Are Spoiled Brats
A CIA propaganda apparatus aimed at the American people–Oct. 2001
Is the EU Helping Mossad to Commit International Terror?
Hillary Clinton’s Prescription: Make The World A NATO Protectorate
Israel Wants Nuke Free Pass, Just Like India
Terrorism and the Illuminati
The American Counterterrorist Myth–JULY/AUGUST 2001 ATLANTIC
Downloading the Human Mind
Israeli Occupation-Supporting Companies To Boycott By Stephen Lendman
Palestinian red crescent society: We were the target of 455 Israeli attacks in 2009
9/11: Would Government?
Budgets, War and Blind Ambition: The Limited Minds of the American Elite
Largest-ever federal payroll to hit 2.15 million
Why Didn't the Nanny State Protect Us From Toyota?
The Crisis Is Not Over
Scramble for the Island of Bliss: Socotra!
Time Magazine Pushes Draconian Internet Licensing Plan
Yemen: USA are fighting against democracy, not against Al-Qaeda
"Capital Punishment for Crooked bankers in the U.S." - Max Keiser
White Phosphorus? Perhaps, Pehaps Not!
Tim Wise on the Creation of Whiteness
Cheap B vitamin beats Big Pharma's Zetia cholesterol drug
The Secret Holocaust
Eustace Mullins Tells It Like It Is
Mullins - Zionist Bankers Financed Hitler, Both World Wars
An Afternoon With Eustace Mullins
Monopoly's New Zionist Bankster Cashless Version
Fisk - Why Does US Ignore Israeli Dozers? (Fisk That Dumb?)
Fisk - Jews Can No Longer Ignore Armenian Holocaust
Fisk - Palestine Is Dying In The West Bank (That's The Plan)
Brilliant Black Journalist On The Haiti Earthquake
Nazi Racism Had Its Roots In Judaism
Memoir - Ballet And The Fake Fall Of Communism
British Citizens Vs An IDF Guard
Continuing The Attack On Natural Health Care
Swingers, Rockefeller And The Illuminati
Morgellons - A New Classification
A Brief History of US Interventions in the Middle East 1949-2002
America's 100 Years of Overthrow
Bankers: The Real Terrorists?
The Supreme Court: Corrupt to the core
Why Are Americans Passive as Millions Lose Their Homes, Jobs, Families and the American Dream?
Hackers Versus The 24th Air Force
"Gang of 54" Congressmen Slammed for Censuring Israel
US Sponsored Regime Change in Iran – Mossadegh and Ahmadinejad: Iran Faces Almost the Same Dilemma as in 1953
Barack Obama in the Crosshairs: Is the military threatening to kill Obama over US war policy? 1 of 2
The Fed – Just One Giant Money Counterfeiter
Two analogies for everyone to understand how US wars in Iraq and Iran are unlawful
China cancels 80% of Iraq debt
Investigation Chief: Swine Flu Pandemic Was A Hoax
Sexpot Virgins: The Media's Sexualization of Young Girls
Book explores Palestinian odyssey for freedom, longing to return home
Patriot Act - Eight Years Later
Proprietary Trading Did Bring Down Wall Street
Ron Paul: Chaos in The Streets and Poverty Coming To the USA
Iraq: Malcom Lagauche; THEY GOT THE WRONG GUYS
Grand Theft Taxes - AIG On Top, Taxpayers Left Behind
House Faces Tough Vote on $1.9T More Debt
Slicing Brains DIY
This Time We Went Too Far
Vegetative state patients can communicate
US Treasury Official Openly Serves on Council of Rothschild-founded “Earth Bank”
20 reasons Global Debt Time Bomb explodes soon
US says it may kill Americans abroad
Yellowstone Eruption Days Away?
The Lesser of Two Evils is Really the Greater Evil
Afghan 'Geological Reserves Worth a Trillion Dollars'
Israel stole 2 billion dollars from Palestinian workers: 40-year deception exposed
FLASHBACK: Stolen US Cars End Up Bombs In Iraq, FBI Says
America, Inc. Is Here. Get With The Program!
The Real World: Tehran
Pentagon Looks to Breed Immortal ‘Synthetic Organisms,’ Molecular Kill-Switch Included
Ending the Government Monopoly on Currency
TrimTabs Estimates Take-Home Pay of All Taxpayers in 2009 Plunged $800 Billion, or 12%, While Value of U.S. Stocks Surged $3.5 Trillion, or 27%
Is basic American telephone service in a death spiral?
Nearly 17,000 chemicals remain corporate secrets – even the EPA doesn't know what they are
It Is Now Mathematically Impossible To Pay Off The U.S. National Debt
World War
Your Neighbor is being foreclosed on but you don’t know it.
Real Unemployment 18% - Will Stocks Falter?
The Lancet Slammed by Medical Veritas Editors
Landrieu Phone Break-In Thugs CIA Or Israeli-Trained?
Government Labor Stats - Lies And Damned Lies
6.0 NoCal Earthquake Today
Demoralization Is Weapon In Secret War - KGB Defector
Secession - A Legal Solution To Fascist Federal Govt?
WHO D225G Intentional Transmission Omissions
Profound Disconnect Of Congress From Its Constituents
Jews Step Up Evil Persecution Of Kevin MacDonald
MacDonald On Zinn & The Academic Left In Politics
Radical Zionist Jew Pounds The Drum To Nuke Iran
McCain's Fascist, Globalist Attacks Supplements
Who's Left? A Few Ultra-Rich & The Tapped-Out Masses
On MI5, CAZAB And Israel
Is The AIG Bailout Flat-Out Illegal?
Bad Ads From The Good Ol' Days
Chances For Discovery Of Alien Life Greater Than Ever
Child Slavery In Haiti
Makow - What's With Jewish Comics & Girl's Genitals?
Atzmon Review - My Father Was A Freedom Fighter
Study links soda, pancreatic cancer
Think Government Is Corrupt? You May Face 10 Years In Jail
Don't Ask, Don't Tell, Don't Think Things Through
Freeway Ricky Ross on Alex Jones Tv: How The CIA Supply, Control, Operate The Drug Business
Vatican, world's largest particle physics lab plan to collaborate
LED ZEPPELIN and Clockwork Orange; VIETNAM WAR and Bloody Sunday
When Will We Take Care Of Our Own?
Rep. Mike Pence: Israel should dictate U.S. policy
Time for an American Intifada?
The Census and Despotism
Possible cancer cure found in blushwood shrub
Hush Little Babies (from Truth Rocker)
The Good Guys and The Bad Guys
Vids: Building 7 - Gone in 7 - WHAT YOU ARE NOT SUPPOSED TO KNOW ABOUT 9/11 !!
US plans "terrorist" attack to kill Americans, blame Iran, and begin another "false flag" US war
Christmas Day Crotch Bomber Tied to Israel and FBI
Wars sending U.S. into ruin
The second wave of mortgage defaults and foreclosures will hit the economy this year
Gaza villages Wiped off the map
Pentagon draws plans for immortal ’synthetic organisms’
Why Has the FDA Allowed a Drug Marked 'Not Safe for Use in Humans' to Be Fed to Livestock Right Before Slaughter?
Egypt Restores Oldest Monastery In The World
The Silence of the Sheep
Acupuncture 'lessens pain in brain not body', scientists discover
Haitian Black Markets Thriving On Western Aid
Anthony Lawson-More About Israeli Barbarism
Banking and Housing Payments Devoured the Middle Class Income – 1 out of 10 Americans on Food Stamps and how the Fed Slowly Devalued the Dollars in your Wallet.
CIA enlists Google's help for spy work
What really happened in New Orleans?
Last Rites For The U.S.A.
The United Police States of America by Cindy Sheehan
USA Has A History Of Attacking Themselves To Go To War!
It wasn't Muslims who trained their cameras on the WTC prior to the first aircraft impact
How California can Create its own Credit: Own a Bank!
Curry spice saffron 'could stop you going blind'
The US Government has Lost its Reason for Being
Barack Obama: stumbling towards isolationism
Cannabis and the Federal Reserve System
Residential Mortgage Delinquency Rate Surpasses 10%: LPS
Fitch: Delinquencies for commercial mortgage backed securities rise in January
Regular Sex Improves Health and Doubles Life Expectancy
The lynch-mob mentality
FBI wants records kept of Web sites visited
South Carolina General Assembly considers move away from Federal Reserve Notes
Why the media is so biased
Why We Seek War?
Liberals Get a War President of Their Very Own
What Do Rising Sovereign Credit Default Swaps Mean?
Recession chugs on, except in government
Israel and the US preparing for Iran Part 1 - The Military Perspective
The “Other Reason” Why the U.S. is Not Regulating Wall Street
The Bankruptcy of the United States is Now Certain – Porter Stansberry
Lawmaker: Climate change just ruse to control population
Time For An American Intifada?
Criminal State Documentary | Criminal State
Jeff Gates along with Anthony Lawson produce this startling new video that is an absolute necessity for every American who genuinely loves his country and knows
Anthrax Attacks Remain Unsolved (Ivins' Death Unnecessary)
Defeating Israel
"When the 'War on Terror' Becomes Genocide"
Wars Sending U.S. Into Ruin
The Bankrupt PIGS of Europe
The apartheid will end when Israelis have to face its cost
Goldman Sachs Wants You to Pay-by-the-Mile to Drive on U.S. Roadways
Israel's hypocrisy
Tel Aviv’s hydra-headed monster
Italy says Iranian militia attacked its embassy
Globalization Is Killing The Globe: Return to Local Economies
Blair, Bush, Israel and Iraq - I don't mean to say I told you so, but
PSU Professor John Hall Outs Jewish Agent Provocateur, Gets Banned
The Myth of the Good War: America in World War II
Descent Into Barbarism: The US and NATO Wage War on the World
No Exit in Sight for U.S. As Fannie, Freddie Flail
Sun Tzu and America’s Way of War
Disinformation Tactics: The Methods Used To Keep You In The Dark
The Wasilla Wonder Wows Tea Baggers with Lies and Deception
How Much Military Aid to Israel... ...Do You Provide?
Shredding the Anti-Iran Propaganda
Felicity Arbuthnot: Haiti; 'Support of U.S. National Interests'
no business like shoah business–the golden goose of holocau$tianity and the real reasons for irana-phobia
US Government creates Nazi homeland program for K-12 graders to sniff out right-wing extremists and gun owners
US trade deficit widens to 40.2 billion dollars
Guns, National ID Cards, and Weed
Jerusalem Palestinian families come out against building on their ancestors graves
Lebanon, Syria, Iran and Israel, a smoking gun?
Civil rights group says racial and religious profiling dogs people at border
Breast cancer virtually "eradicated" with higher levels of vitamin D
An Insider’s View of the Real Estate Train Wreck
Bachmann: America ‘cursed’ by God ‘if we reject Israel’
They think we're stupid
It Is Now Official: The U.S. Is a Police State
The U.S. Military: A Mindset of Barbarism,Part 1
The future of... data encryption
Mossad murdered 530 Iraqi scientists.
You Want My Internet? Come And Take It!
One Israeli who hasn’t lost his mind
Obama Administration: Critics Are Aiding Al Qaeda
“The CIA Is Welcoming Itself Back onto American University Campuses”
U.S. Bond Auctions Are Starting to Fail
The Great Highway Robbery Continues: How The FDIC Is Legally Transferring Billions In Taxpayer Money To Hedge Funds
Ridicule of Conspiracy Theories Focuses On Diffusing Criticism of the Powerful
You’re an Anti-Semite If You’re Against War
Marc Faber: All governments will default on their debt including the US
George Bush and the CIA behind the assassination of primeminister OLOF PALME
Go Back To Sleep, There’s No New World Order
Chip and PIN is broken, say researchers
Davos: The Bomb Shelter
Yes, America is Still in an Official State of Emergency
US Kids Forced Into Ohio Labor, Sex
Israeli Continues Murdering Palestinians At Will
Peace is the Opponent-Zionism Unmasked
The torch that Hitler lit
Mumps outbreak spreads among people who got vaccinated against mumps
Perverse Irony:"Tolerance" Museum To Be Built Atop Muslim Cemetary
Cop “Jokes” About Murdering Armed Citizens
Investigators declare, “Obama never attended Columbia University”
UK’s Jewish Chronicle editor says extra-judicial murder is kosher
“Anti-Semitic” – the label that stops criticism
Taking Away our freedoms is not patriotic - An email from the Campaign for Liberty
Christians-Zionism's Useful Idiots
Zillow: The Housing Double Dip Began In December
I Cut My Hair But I Am Not A Terrorist
Reid's Office Wins Best Lie Of The Year, So Far
Israel Technologies Transfers
Great Game Playoff -- Russia/Turkey Vs Palestine/Israel
More Readers Who Have Escaped Amerika
Nullification A Serious Option
MSG-Like 'Senomyx' Being Hidden In Food
Do Jews Control the Media -- The LA Times Says Yes!
Greece is NWO Test Ground, Says Greek Reader
Aspartame renamed
Credit Suisse Declares the U.S. a Riskier Investment Than Indonesia
New Phase, Not Just Another Recession
Stuart Littlewood: Losing patience with squabbling '2-rump' Palestine
Leading Austrian Economist: Some Conspiracy Theories Are True
Canada’s Effort to Criminalize Criticism of Israel
Think tank: Israel faces global delegitimization campaign
Danger Ahead for Small Banks
The Real Story Behind Israel's Attack On Gaza
Chutzpah, thy name is Zionism
israel’s recent extreme makeover–a cure worse than the disease itself
Rep. Mike Pence: Israel Should Dictate U.S. Policy
Why Switzerland Has The Lowest Crime Rate In The World
FLASHBACK - Where Are Those Iranian Weapons in Iraq?
Professor Tony Martin & the Jewish Onslaught
Video: International Bankers Finance Both Sides in War
Human bones could reveal truth of Japan's 'Unit 731' experiments
It wasn't Muslims who trained their cameras on the WTC prior to the first aircraft impact
The Thirteenth Tribe: Absolute Proof More Modern Jews Not Biblical Israelites
Hold Onto Your Underwear This Is Not a National Emergency
Morgan Stanley Strategist: Head for the Hills!
Obama Is Being Blackmailed Into Attacking Iran
Zionists Devour Tea Party With Palin Trojan Horse
French troops used as 'nuclear guinea pigs' in the 1960s
Banker's Manifesto of 1892
Stop Monsanto's GMO Contamination
Film director is thrown off US plane for being 'too big for seat' | WHAT REALLY HAPPENED
Debunking the Debunkers: New Video: Evidence
The Economic Elite Have Engineered an Extraordinary Coup, Threatening the Very Existence of the Middle Class
Chris Hedges: Democracy in America is a useful fiction (video)
Perspectives on Zionism
Chutzpah, thy name is Zionism
UPDATE: "Nearly every national secret" passes through Landrieu's Offices
Mainstream MarketWatch: Prepare for the End of America
The Front Organizations for U.S. Oligarchs Have Been Established in Abu Dhabi
Tax me if you can
Struggling towns printing their own cash
How To Destroy a 9/11 Truther
The EXACT REPLICA of the 3rd Temple is being BUILT to begin training Priest / Rabbi's in Jerusalem
What to say to a global warming advocate
Controlling the Ability of People and Organizations to Access the Internet
White House Projects Long-Term Mass Unemployment
Mortgage rates poised to jump as Fed cuts funds
FDIC Responds To IndyMac/OneWest Video Alleging Sheila Bair Transferred Billions In Taxpayer Funds To Paulson & Co., And Others
America’s Shadowy Base World
Zionist Communist Organized Crime Takes The Planet
An Invention Called 'The Jewish People'
The Babylonian Talmud (Complete Soncino English Translation)
Jewish History, Jewish Religion
The Synagogue of Satan
Understanding Jewish Supremacism
The Jewish Religion: Its Influence Today
The Controversy of Zion
Begin's grandson: 'murderous blood flows in Israeli arteries'
Refuse to Pay Government Debt Incurred for Unlawful and Oppressive Purposes ... It Is the Personal Debt of Those Who Ordered It to Be Incurred
RED ALERT: Next debt crisis near!
Gore Sells but Not American Gore
Obama Breaks Yet Another Key Campaign Promise
APARTHEID How to End It, Then and Now
Aspartame has been renamed and is now being marketed as a natural sweetener
George Washington on defending the US Constitution: guard against impostures of pretended patriotism
The Ficticious Legal Entity Called "a Person"
Obama Declares His Rule By Authoritarian Executive Order Decree
Is There Sh*t in Your Salad? 39% of Bagged Salads Have Too Much Fecal Bacteria
Dreyfus,The Protocols And The Goldstone Report
CIA and the NAZIs: How we got where we are today
Zionism unmasked
Sun & Climate Change
Dennis Kucinich declares emperor has no clothes: US government assassinations of citizens unlawful
The U.S "Odious Debts" used to Finance Illegal Wars.
How To Invest For A Global Debt Bomb Explosion
FLASHBACK: JFK, June 10, 1963
Israel wields iron fist against nonviolent resisters
A daily dose of garlic can save your life by cutting blood pressure, say researchers
Beware - Aspartame Has Been Renamed 'AminoSweet'
Psychopaths vs. non-psychopaths
Civis Romanus Sum
Surveillance Society: Obama Takes a Blue Pencil to the Bill of Rights
The republic is dead
Israeli Hit Squads in US
The Empire Falls Back
545 People
Paul J. Balles – Zionism Unmasked: "Anti-Semitic" – the label that stops criticism
Zionism: A Fairy Tale That’s Become a Terrifying Nightmare
The Obama Retirement Trap Has Started!
Abraham Lincoln: pre-emptive wars (Iraq, Iran) are lies, “war at pleasure,” impoverish the US
What locals in USA know – and what the big guys could learn (but won't)
Abraham Lincoln stated obvious war lies to Congress; where's today’s leadership?
Stick a Fork in it, The Dollar is Done
Governments ADMIT That They Carry Out False Flag Terror
FLASHBACK - Israeli ambassador calls Asia "the yellow race"
Israel has a long history of using passports from other nations to cover their assassins.
The Zionist Elephant In The Room
Mayans, Money, Mayhem
Greece Bans Cash Transactions Over 1,500 Euros
Why the Stimulus Failed
Bin Laden: Dead and Loving It
'Influenza vaccine has no effect': study
Banks Want to Foreclose on You: Here's Why
Wall Street’s War against Main Street America
The Federal Reserve's Exit Strategy: Unlegislated Bailout of Fannie and Freddie
The Richest 1% Have Captured America's Wealth -- What's It Going to Take to Get It Back?
Move Over China: Beijing Sells Whopping $34.2 Billion Treasuries In December As Japan Becomes Largest Official Holder Of US Debt
New wave of foreclosures by end of 2010 is feared
The Hoi Polloi vs. Goldman Sachs
Former Mexican foreign minister calls for ‘North American union’, unified currency
Professor: We have a 'moral obligation' to seed universe with life
"Economic Terrorism": The Consequences are Poverty and Mass Unemployment
Vitamin D may reduce diabetes risk
A Country of Serfs Ruled By Oligarchs
Israel’s Attack on Iran–A 15 Minute War To Save A Dying Theocratic Ethno-State?
Operation Aphrodite
Gadhafi: Obama fears Israel will assassinate him like it did JFK
Food Stamps Create Jobs… in India
Cholesterol-lowering drugs increase risk of diabetes, study finds
Crash Babies
MK-ULTRA - The CIA's Mind Control Program
Greece Is Ready To Explode
FDA-FTC War On Alternative Health Aims At Dr. Weil
A New Jewish Goal
Once Again, Clinton Hits Out At Iran
The Great Reagan Legacy? What Crap!
Are Corporations Using The Net To Hasten Our Decline?
Sinclair - Bank Says FBI Is LYING
Trouble For All - Everyone Going Brain-Dead
No, Alexander The Great Did Not Fight Yetis
Photographed With Hitler, Videotaped With Madonna
Defamation Skewers ADL
The Gold Standard And Other Monetary Myths
Zionists Devour Tea Party With Palin Trojan Horse
False-Flags, False Friends And False Family
Hitting Men With Impunity
How Many More Millions Of Immigrants Can America Take?
True Wisdom - Great Quotes To Remember
Media Considers 9-11 Truth - But Not Israel's Role
Mardi Gras And Illuminati
Hoffman - Rant Poses As Study Of Anti Semitism
Haiti Is Open For Business
The World's Dumbest Criminals
China: a Slow Soft Kill for the Dollar; Sells $34.2 Billion in Treasury bonds in December, Welcoming Japan as our new Largest American Debt Holder
The Law That Never Was
The Future of the Dollar
Pentagon Bracing for a Snap Offensive Against Venezuela
The Economic Elite Have Engineered an Extraordinary Coup, Threatening the Very Existence of the Middle Class
After 4 million jobs lost, White House declares stimulus a success
US Ships Arms, Blocks Humanitarian Aid to Somalia
US Spy’s Israel Ties Deeper Than First Thought
How Israel's Lobby Challenges Rule of Law in America [Video]
S.C. pol wants to ban U.S. currency
Iran showing fastest scientific growth of any country
Big Pharma researcher admits to faking dozens of research studies for Pfizer, Merck
The Israeli Moles Who Controlled U.S. Defense Computers on 9/11
School used student laptop webcams to spy on them at school and home
Investors Recruit Terminally Ill To Outwit Insurers on Annuities
Massing Forces For the Battle Of Mogadishu
Danger of Marines’ water removed from report
Photographic Evidence Showing Ziad Jarrah Was Not a 9/11 Hijacker
9/11 - The Frame Up Of Abdulaziz Alomari
Sooner or Later, You’ll Invest Abroad
Coming Home: Appliance Maker Drops China to Produce in Texas
Alarm bells ring as demands for US Treasuries nosedive
U.S. state pension funds have $1 trillion shortfall: Pew
Ruling means Gitmo detainees have no legal protection: rights group
IRS Releases 2007 Tax Return Data on Wealthiest 400 Americans: Income Soared 31% (to $345m), Tax Rate Fell 3.2% (to 16.6%)
Mossad's Licence to Kill
Grounds for Hope and Despair
900 Baby Bracelets Recalled Over High Levels of Lead
Repeal the 17th Amendment. Restore Liberty.
'US gave up war plans because of Iran's might'
We, The People, Call For Total National Strike April 15-18
Israel’s re-branding exercise in Haiti backfires as past catches up
The long arm of Israel must be amputated
Mamilla Cemetery: Victim of Israeli "tolerance"
Foreigners in record flight from US Treasuries
USA’s Global Military Dominance: Real Reason For Sanctions Against Iran
Summer of Rage
Battle For Marjah - The US Has Already Lost
911 By The Numbers
Reagan Legacy Was The SOS
Finance And The Death Of The American Empire
Morgellons - Lesions, Mental Dysfunction, Fatigue, Pain
Fragmentation Of Iraq Was Israel's Strategy
Feminized Men Reason Why Many Women Have No Sex
Israel/US Prepare For Iran - Pt 3 - The Economical Imapact
A Dozen More US Troops Die In Afghan Operation
Taliban Want Alternative Media To See US Defeat
Cantwell - HeLa Cells Contamination Of Cancer Research
Baldwin - Spiritual Wickedness In High Places
The Long Arm Of Israel Better Be Amputated
David Duke Exposes The Hollywood 'Basterds'
Report: Real estate could bury banks
The Tide Has Changed - Gilad Atzmon
Joe Stack and the Coming of the Rage of Reason
Debra Medina, Glenn Beck, 911 Truth and the Importance of Private Property
Israel Goes Rogue
FLASHBACK - Stuff and Nonsense
How your US taxes could be bailing out Greece
Israel's new strategy: "sabotage" and "attack" the global justice movement
1972 Article Unearthed: ‘Worse than Hitler’: ‘Population Bomb’ author Paul Ehrlich suggested adding a forced sterilization agent to ’staple food’ and ‘water supply’
U.S. government wants farmers to spread toxic powder from coal plant scrubbers on their food crop fields
Social Security Will Fall To Obama Before The Taliban Do
Gerald Celente: The Global Financial System is Collapsing
Pilot leaves suicide note railing against US federal tax agency before flying into building
Eustace Mullins presents: The Neo-Zionist Order
The Long Arm of Israel Better be Amputated
States Move to Ban BPA, FDA Stays Silent
China Dumping US Treasurys: What’s the Message?
British military insider: World War III is being staged; starting with Israel and Iran
FBI, IRS, Secret Service raid Seeno family development offices
Man Bulldozes Home After Foreclosure
Woe unto you, Lawyers!!
The Middle Class Two Income Trap – Two Breadwinners plus Extra Money to support the Banking Industry. How Middle Class Americans are losing Ground by Supporting the Financial Sector.
FLASHBACK - Oklahoma City Bombing Tapes Appear Edited: Attorney
Patrick Henry's Liberty or Death Speech
Only 21% Say U.S. Government Has Consent of the Governed
Wall Street's Bailout Hustle
Repeal the 17th Amendment. Restore Liberty.
Hold Onto Your Underwear – This Is Not a National Emergency
Who are the dangerous conspiracy theorists?
Agenda 21 Alert: The Sustainable Development of the Ruling Class
Obama Is Being Blackmailed Into Attacking Iran
BPA Plastic Chemical Linked to Aggression, Hyperactivity in Toddlers
Down With the Presidency! – A President’s Day Message
How U.S. states cook their books
Video: Student loans crushing future for young people
Israel's pathetic attempt to rebrand.
Citigroup Says Feds Ordered 7 Day Restriction On Bank Withdrawals
Israel’s new ‘attack on freedom of speech’
American capitalism gone with a whimper
Governors See Bad Economic Times Getting Worse for States
On the Brink of a Bond Market Apocalypse
US Super-rich Get Five Times More Income Than In 1995
Mind control and understanding Shutter Island
Over One Million Iraqi Deaths Caused by US Occupation
Americans Who Know Their Rights Are The Real Target Of Napolitano’s “Domestic Terror” Warning
Farid’s photo is a real fake. And so is he. By Jerry Mazza
Colombia Is Open for Business
The Agenda is Primary, Not the Science or the Facts
US wouldn’t kill our own citizens, blame Iran, and start a war! Oh? FBI allowed ’93 WTC bombing
Sun-powered water splitter makes hydrogen tirelessly
75 reasons to be skeptical of "global warming"
NO food shortage, NO Martial Law, No Dollar Crash, NO FEMA Camps
Governments From Around the World ADMIT That They Carry Out False Flag Terror
HUD Attempting to Outlaw Owner Financing & Wants Your Fingerprints
Sh*t is Now Officially Going Down! Joe Stack Plane Crash IRS Austin Texas
California Senate Passes Amazon Tax
Teach Your Children Well: There Is No Law but Might and Murder
The Nazis' Murder of Jews, Communists and Gypsies In Gas Chambers Was an AMERICAN Idea
Abe Foxman Wets Pants Over Sadistic Movie
Israeli murders using fake passports of Europeans, lets now go back to 911
Terrorism: The Most Meaningless and Manipulated Word By Glenn Greenwald
Israeli Environmental Terrorism
High levels of vitamin D halve the risk of developing heart disease and diabetes
History in the Remaking
Letters shed new light on British despair during the American War of Independence
To Believe or not to Believe
Governments From Around the World ADMIT That They Carry Out False Flag Terror
The Secret Service at Booker Elementary: The Dog That Did Not Bark
10 Cancer-Causers to Remove From Your Home
Joe Stack’s 9/11, NSA, and Homeland Security Related Defense Contractor Clients
Glenn "Rotiart" Beck and the Mob vs. John Adams
Asia-produced ozone making its way to U.S., study finds
Take the Power to Create Credit Away from the Giant Banks and Give It Back to the People
1001 Reasons to Own Gold
The Chemist's War
Campaigning for State-Owned Banks
Medical studies show cannabis effective for treating pain, spasms
Mamma Mia! Mamilla and Auschwitz
I Envy The People Who Hate Israel
Top Russian General: An American Attack on Iran would lead to US Collapse;
Into a Thousand Pieces
Is Joe Stack a Wake-Up Call to America?
Two “Iraq war” movies compete for awards
Plans to Hide Commercial Real Estate Losses Won’t Avert a Double-Dip Downturn
America Just Declared The Recovery Over So You'd Better Get Ready For The Double Dip
What Crisis is Being Solved?
Perception and Reality
Cal Dental Assoc – No Fluoride for Babies
Budget Increases for Nuclear Weapons Production at the Expense of Social Programs
Wall Street is Running a Casino
Pretending We Are Not in a Depression
Is the United States a Failing State?
'Buy farmland and gold,' advises Dr Doom
Conspiracy To Engage In Aggressive And Illegal War
The Flailing Falsehoods of America's War Criminals
Archaeologist finds Jerusalem wall matching biblical story | WHAT REALLY HAPPENED
Debt Dynamite Dominoes: The Coming Financial Catastrophe
The Census Is Getting Personal
Breaking His Pledge? Obama Calls for Increasing Payroll Taxes on ‘Households’ Earning Less Than $250,000 Per Year
The Cartel's Collection Agency Is Better Known As The IRS
Fear of Mediterranean Contagion Grows
Naming Sins
Harvard Fellow calls for genocidal measure to curb Palestinian births
Serious birth defects linked to the agricultural chemical atrazine
Do Our Organs Have Memories?
The truth about the Mossad
The Drive to Eliminate Social Security in America
Joe Stack wasn't wrong about the tax code
Paul Craig Roberts on Alex Jones Tv : Outsourcing American Jobs to The Lowest Bidder!
Paul Craig Roberts: America’s First Suicide Bomber
Harvard Fellow Calls For Genocidal Measure To Curb Palestinian Births
Kidney Damage In 12 Percent Of Chinese Children Exposed To Melamine-Contaminated Dairy Products
The Chemist's War
Latest collapse in Jerusalem blamed on Israeli excavations
Bullet-Proof Case (Not Ivins ... The FBI Cover-Up)
Jenin Jenin: The Film IDF and Israel don't want you to see
Ten Tax Protester Claims To Avoid
Joe Stack, The Austin Pilot, Had a Valid Tax Beef About § 1706
Panarchy. What is that?
Buffett's Partner: 'It's Over' for U.S. Economy
Debt Dynamite Dominoes: The Coming Financial Catastrophe
7 Reasons Why You Should Grow Your Own Food
Obama Advancing Islamic Sharia Law
Overpopulation In 21st Century America - Part 1
America 'Immigrating' Into Cyclical Illiteracy And Poverty
LaRouche Calls For Relocation Of A Million Haitians
Israel - Suppressing The Practice Of Torture
Israel 'Stole Palestinian Heritage'
The Cartel's Collection Agency Is The IRS
Porn - Watching Bruised, Drugged Prostitutes
Illegal Alien Jackpot Anchor Babies Wreck US - Pt 2
The Western World Has Been Plundered
An Angry Englishman In Cowardly Germany - Part 1
Basically, It's All Over
Ancient Jerusalem Wall Proves Bible?
Economic Elite Vs The People Of America
Economic Elite Coup Threatens Middle Class Existence
True Faith - They Know!
American Genocides - Is Haiti Next?
Israeli Troops Attack A Sunday Mass
Was Stack An Illuminati Programmed Multiple?
As Predicted Here - The Rothschild Greek 'Solution'
Nodar Kumaritashvili - Never Forget
What's An Afghan's Life Worth To The US?
Mideast Jews, Palestinians Virtually Genetically Identical
Goldman Sachs Jews Do Greece (America, Too...)
Free Trade? We've All Paid A Price
Illegal Alien Jackpot Anchor Babies - Wrecking America
Who IS This Man...Really?
A Country Of Serfs Ruled By Oligarchs
Parrot Breeder Assists In Hatch...Saves Baby Macaw
Elie Wiesel's Ignoble Recruits
Begin's Grandson - Israel's 'Murderous Blood'
Is The MIlitary Threatening To Kill Obama?
Rampage In Philly Shows The Potential Of Social Media
Neanderthals On Crete
NAR Forecasts No Recovery for Commercial Real Estate This Year
Trillions for War And None For The American People
Where Did the Links Go That Point to the Government Forcing Your 401k and IRA Money into Treasury Securities?
Remembrance of the Nakba to be forbidden by law under consideration
Do Photographs Prove the NS Extermination of the Jews?
Open Letter To Debra Medina
U.S. economy is a shambles, with no improvement in sight
Underwater Mortgages Hit 11.3 Million
Cancers can re-seed themselves after chemo, surgery or radiation
Harvard Professor’s Modest Proposal: Starve the Gazans into Having Fewer Babies
From Hackerspace To Your Garage: Downloading DIY Hardware Over the Web
The Uranium Coup
TREASURES ONCE LOST How To Save America Last Line Of Defense…
Secret AIG Document Shows Goldman Sachs Minted Most Toxic CDOs
Toyota's consumer safety problems are dwarfed by body count of Big Pharma's deadly drugs
Hamas founder’s son once top Israel spy, report says
Looking at curvy women 'gives men the same high as alcohol or drugs'
Conquest and Censorship
Is Ben Bernanke Smart Enough to Be a CEO?
Why Patriotic Americans Could Resort to "Extremism"
Thermite and the WTC Collapses
Hormone could heal brain damage
Avoid Ten Common Surgical Procedures With Dietary Supplements
MK-ULTRA drill? Knife weilding Muslims in school!
Unplug the Signal: The Truth Will Not Be Televised
MSM: Kangaroos poisoned by fluoride
Why We are Susceptible to Manipulation
Pentagon Quietly Explores De-Citizenship of US Citizen Terrorists
Demolition Access to the WTC Towers: Part Four – Cleanup
US rejects peace and life; hell-bent for war
Liberals and Atheists Smarter? Intelligent People Have Values Novel in Human Evolutionary History, Study Finds
The Shocking Truth About Public Schools is alive and well!
New research: no good scientific evidence flu shots are effective or safe for elders
The Simpsons Against the State
Cell phones show human movement predictable 93% of the time
It’s Save Your Banker Week
Schools turning into propaganda camps.
Margaret Sanger, Planned Parenthood's Racist Founder??
One Person's View on 9-11
Nuts in the News “Rapture” Edition
Israel; Taking Whatever Whenever
The Global Reach of the Judeo-Russian Mafia
The Zionist Red Army by David Duke
We Don't Affect Anything
Iran's Nuclear Threat, Israel and The Green Revolution.
Unplug the Signal: The Truth Will Not Be Televised
Are We on the Brink of a Cyber-War?
Mainstream Media Refuses to Disclose that "Independent" Pundits Are Actually the Heads of Lobbying Firms
PIMCO: The US Falls Into the Sovereign Debt Ring of Fire
Judge Alex Kozinski: The Fourth Amendment is Gone. "Welcome to the fish bowl."
9/11 Truth Search: Planes didn't take twin towers down
Denninger: How Long Before You Wake Up, Politicos?
Israeli Unaccountability and Denial: Suppressing the Practice of Torture
The Sleep Room CIA Experiments
More on the Fed Sending Money to Iraq
Ron Paul Questions Hillary
Bizarre? Now this is bizarre!
USA Patriot Act Continued
Do you have to be Jewish to report on Israel for the New York Times?
Obama Administration Using Accounting Gimmicks That Would Make Enron ‘Blush,’ Republican Lawmaker Says
Monstrous Israeli Prison Experiments
Satan's Army
Perpetual War And The Loss Of Liberty
Global Sweatshop Wage Slavery
Overpopulation In The 21st Century America - Part 2
Microsoft's Global Criminal Compliance Handbook Leaked
Was Mickey Mouse A Mason?
The Social Net-Working Rat Race
The Fourth Turning
On Gathering Places
L3 Communication's Ties To Terror And The Illuminati
Why American Business Fails
Van Der Sloot Confesses To Dumping Natalie's Body
Juan Cole on Israel and its Lobby: Ideological Blinders or Hidden Meaning
Recent Stats Indicate U.S. Economic Recovery Was an Illusion
Patsy Zazi confesses to NYC subway bomb plot
FLASHBACK - The Iraqis are paying for the war waged against them
Scahill: Blackwater used shell company to defraud US government
Ex-Mossad agent: Israel uses 'false flag' in most ops to avoid suspicion in Arab states.
Vanunu: Take me off list of Nobel peace prize nominees
EU: Goods made at Illegal Jewish settlements are not Israeli goods
Who are these guys? Cape Wind, EMI, UPC, First Wind, IVPC?
American Sponsored Terrorism -AbdolMalek Rigi: Jundullah
CIA helps terrorists in Iran? Jundullah leader claims agency arms support
Leaked UN Documents Reveal Plan For “Green World Order” By 2012
Vitamin B 'can rewire stroke patients' brain', study finds
The First Test That Proves General Theory of Relativity Wrong
The Road to Armageddon
Israel Has Cost USA $1.6 TRILLION Since 1973
US troops to stay in Haiti for time being: envoy
FLASHBACK - Billions over Baghdad
Flashback: Mexican Attorney General Releases Zionist Terrorists
Deputy FM: Israel will increase aid to S. America in return for support
The Bank of the Fed is Closed… Forever – Robert Singer
The England I Love, & Shall Forever Love
The Great Recession Of 2011-2012
Calling All Whistleblowers!
America's Supremes - Court Over Constitution
Bill Gates' $10 Billon Vaccine Scam
Hideous HPV Vaccine Blinds 16 Year Old Girl
An Experience With A Health System That Works
'The Bible Should Be Thrown In The Trash'
Why Women Shouldn't Play Men's Sports
With No Enforcement - Immigration Fences, Laws Are Useless
Lamebook - Rebellion Of The Stupid
DNA Deception
Meaning of MERS
America the Beautiful is Turning into America the Barbarian
The US Income-tax
FLASHBACK - Laptop of death perhaps not a laptop
Rising Threat of Infections Unfazed by Antibiotics
Harry Markopolos: “Don’t Trust Your Government”
The great reckoning begins
A Country of Serfs Ruled By Oligarchs
A Turning Point in Europe
Journalist Warns Israelis Plot To Make US Fight Iran
Brilliant Research Scientist John Burke Passes
The Saddest Story
Mr. Larry "Pull It" Silverstein...Did You Commit Insurance Fraud On 9/11?
To be voted as US senator one must show first and foremost sufficient support to Israel!
The Zundelsite - Did Six Million Really Die ? Truth at Last - Exposed
Will the UK protect its own citizens as much as it protects Israel?
Why it takes so many Mossad agents to kill a Palestinian with a Pillow? by Gilad Atzmon
Underwater Mortgages Continue To Rise
Homeowners Say Banks Keep Them Underwater by Spurning Loan Program Rules
Bill Gates: Use Vaccines To Lower Population
Prognosis 2012: Towards a New World Social Order
A Quick Tour of Hyperinflation and the Possible Consequences for America
Jefferson vs. Lincoln:America Must Choose
?We are the People that Might have Been,
What is an Olympic Gold Medal Worth?
Israel’s Increasingly Dangerous Neighborhood
Mohamed Khodr – Veritas in Harvard: No, Just Double Standards, Injustice, and Fear
How mobile phones let spies see our every move
Mysterious Deaths of 911 Witnesses
Palestinian Cafe Owner Faces Threats for 'No Uniform' Policy
Make War on Goldman Sachs
The Day After Israel
Occupiers responsible for heroin surge in Russia
FDIC Auctions $610.5 Million in Loans From Failed U.S. Lenders
Property loans poised to fail
NWO - Bill Gates says - "We can lower the population through vaccines"
We Need To Stop Circumcision
All in the Family
Time For The Rothschild Gang To Pay Damages
The U.S. Personal Income Tax: It Goes to The Family Rothschild
Absolute Proof Most Jews Are Not ‘True Jews’
Unnecessary surgery exposed! Why 60% of all surgeries are medically unjustified and how surgeons exploit patients to generate profits
Killing Enthusiasm: President Obama's Afghanistan Strategy Turns Off Young Voters
Waiting to be Saved The Sad Case of the ‘ Unconnected Dots ‘
US sponsors terrorists to overthrow Iran’s government again? Evidence suggests it’s true
Obama Seeks US Ban of Assault Weapons For Benefit of Mexico
Denninger: Let’s Cut the Crap - We Are in a Depression Right Now
The Mossad Role in the JFK Assassination Conspiracy
Sheep-Shearing Season on the Revenue Ranch
Ron Paul: Oath to US Constitution rejected by both parties’ “leadership.” US revolt coming?
Cybersecurity bill to give president new emergency powers
An Accidental Experience with a Health System that Seems to Work
IRS Tax Is Illegal - No Tax Law Exists!!
Obama is a Liar: Illegal Wars, Fraudulent Bailouts, Egregious Assault on Civil Liberties
Snow and Terror in Gotham
Friedmanism at the Fed
Weaponizing Mozart: How Britain is using classical music as a form of social control
non-hazardous . MY BUTT
Hoax of the Century
Look very closely at this picture
Lack Of Deep Sleep May Increase Risk Of Type 2 Diabetes
The Road to Dictatorship Next stop: martial law? by Justin Raimondo
FLASHBACK 2003 - Israeli Professor – ‘We Could Destroy All European Capitals’
Khalid Amayreh – The Musa’ab Yousuf Story: a classic example of Israeli disinformation
Topeka, Kansas shows Google it can grovel
The Fall of Greece
The Moral Problem of Neocons like Bunning Who Love to Cut Off Poor Peoples' Living
Chilean Quake Likely Shifted Earth’s Axis, NASA Scientist Says
Caltech Researchers Create Highly Absorbing, Flexible Solar Cells with Silicon Wire Arrays
VIDEO FLASHBACK: Carter: "US Candidates MUST do as Israel says"
James J. Zogby: Abuse of language threatens American freedoms
War Powers Resolution of 1973: Derailing the Gravy Train for the Dogs of War
Israeli Nazis
What Are Banks Doing with Their Depositors' Money?
When Debt Junkies Go Broke
Gold, the IMF, and Dirty Jokes
The ElBaradei phenomenon
The Thirteenth Tribe
Arthur Koestler documents the Caucasian ancestry of Ashkenazim Jews.
4 reasons we get ripped off
State revenue collections continued downward trend
Start a Rothbardian Bankrun
Read the rest of: Cyberwar Hype Intended to Destroy the Open Internet.
Read the rest of: IMF "Economic Medicine" Comes to America .
Dual Israeli Citizenship -- Loyal to Whom?
Ralph Nader Was Right About Barack Obama
SPLC Report: Heavy On Smear, Thin On Facts
Iran and The International Bureau of Double Standards
the video the US Army doesn't want you to see.
Fuel Tax Must Rise, Harvard Researchers Say gas at $7/gallon
Raise Taxes and Cut Services? Why Not Stop Unneccesary Bailouts, Unnecesary Wars and Unnecessary Interest Costs Instead?
IMF-Style Austerity Comes to America
Talmud Teaching
The Iranian president said he expects war to break out somewhere between spring and summer of this year.
FLASHBACK - U.S. Once Deployed 12,000 Atom Arms In 2 Dozen Nations
The Murderous Mossad and 9-11
America's Deadliest Sweetener Betrays Millions, Then Hoodwinks You With Name Change
Mossad Comes to America: Death Squads by Invitation
You Could Now Be Arrested, In America, Just For Mentioning Europe's Problems Over Dinner
Israel is An Apartheid State and That is Why They are Losing Legitimacy
Obama caught Lip-Synching Speech
Video: War Powers Resolution of 1973: Derailing the Gravy Train for the Dogs of War
Devvy - Throw The Bums Out? - Not In Texas
Towards America's Electronic, Troop-Less Wars
Lawrence Of Poland
CA Starts Taxing 80% Of Income BEFORE It Is Earned
Finding A Wholesome Refuge In China
National UFO Center | George Filer | Filer's Files
Official Website Of The Filer's Research Institue and The Filer's Files
Filer's Files # 8 - 2010
Filer's Files # 7 - 2010
Filer's Files # 6 - 2010
The Zionist Bullshit Filter
1264 New Testimonies
Funding Israeli Militarism, Belligerence And Occupation
The Orwellian Agenda Of 9/11 Truth's Enemies?
Who Is A SEMITIC Jew? DNA Can Answer
America's Permanent War Agenda
American Weather Balloon
End Games Near Climax
Harrisburg, PA - Cat Has A Special Friend
Could Rothschild Lawsuit Divide Canada?
Hitler - The Ultimate Zionist False Flag Operation
More Damning Truths About Plastics
Meat Behind Many Allergies...And Worse
Amazing Facts About The Great Pyramid Of Giza
Liberal Richard Cohen Wants Israel-First War Policy
Bohemian Grove Brought to You by Walt Disney
The Shriner's Nationwide Prostitution Network
Revealed - British PM Gordon Brown Is A Pedophile
On The Face
In 1997 DoD Admitted Quakes Can Be Caused By EMF
'I'm A Prisoner Of Porn And Can't Escape'
NanoTech, DynCorp And NSA Goes B.A.N.G.
Bank of America forecloses on house that couple had paid cash for
Echelon computers can't cope with bad lines
Psychiatrists want to call being angry a mental illness. How utterly mad!
MO - Energy drink causes seizures in Teen
In the Clowns: 3 Stooges, Gingrich, Sharpton & Duncan Hit the Road For Corporate “School Reform”
“Peace or apartheid” are not the only options for Israel
Mossad helped buy off 9/11 litigants
Afghans Trained by Blackwater Defect to Taliban
Judge Napolitano On Eminent Domain
Obama Administration Urges Congress to Wait on Armenian Genocide Resolution
More Problems for Jerry Brown as LA Times Reports New Book Examines Mob Ties - FlashReport - Presented by Jon Fleischman
"Real" Unemployment Could Surge to 25%, Portfolio Manager Says
Native Indian Genocide: Parallels in Palestine
Old star is 'missing link' in galactic evolution
Torture At Abu Ghraib: The Full Sworn Testimony Of Ali Shalal
Silencing Critics of Israel: Germany’s Fear Of Finkelstein
In 'Eisenhower’s Death Camps': A U.S. Prison Guard Remembers
My Family’s Ongoing Nakba Story
IRS Commissioner Evades The Question On The Legality Of Income Tax
US: The next USSR
Economic “Crisis” = One World Corporate Socialist Government Opportunity
Zionism and the Third Reich
Terror Plot Emerges as Secret Service Game
Debt & Taxes
Soros, Goldman, Hedge Funds Attack Greece, Euro
Carts of Darkness: North Vancouver 'Can Collectors' Race shopping carts down hills for spare Money (Documentary Film)
Drugs, Guns and Dirt
FAA = I can't say it..
SEIU Stern Explains Plan to Loot Country
Police Abduction by Quota
Herbicide Chemical in Drinking Water Could Pose Much Greater Danger to Health Than Previously Thought
Why pharmaceuticals might be called Weapons of Mass Prescription – Mike Adams
‘US debt-based money printing biggest theft in history’
Former ISI Head Says U.S. Creates Terror Groups in Middle East
End Game Nears Climax
U.S. Wages Food War Against Somalia
Muslims Are Their Own Worst Enemy – Paul Craig Roberts
The Definitive Account of American POWs Abandoned in Southeast Asia
Marine reportedly killed by opium-fueled private contractors
Nobel Prize-Winning Economist: Federal Reserve System is Corrupt and Undermines Democracy
Turning Local Writers and Intellectuals Into Weapons
Disturbing moves to create super-police for Arab satellite TV stations
Elaborate “Tora Bora”-Like Cave System Captured
BBC Discovers Fallujah’s American Genetic Warfare
Interference Seen in Blackwater Inquiry
Violations of Iraqi Children Rights Under the American Occupation
America’s Permanent War Agenda
Wire-Tapping, Terror-Tickling Former CIA Director’s Sign Must Go!
Call Me, Lieberman!
Assassination Of President McKinley Was By Jews!
5 Reasons that Corporate Media Coverage is Pro-War
Smedley Butler - War is a Racket!
As Predicted, Pentagon Shooting Blamed On 9/11 Truth
The 2009 Financial Report Of The U.S. Government Is Out - America's Economic Goose Is Cooked
Ethiopia famine aid spent on weapons
Brits Pounded As Debts, Deficits Hit Home. Next Up: Us!
Housing Is "In a Precarious State," Yale's Robert Shiller Says
“FARC” computers go back to the future!
My Plan for a Freedom President How I would put the Constitution back in the Oval Office by Ron Paul
why, heavens above, our rulers are trying to kill us
Ron Paul Exposes CIA & Federal Reserves's Drug Running Business
Pentagon shooter driven by hatred, conspiracy theories
A nice glass of bubbly: How to create hangover-free alcohol... just add oxygen
10 Harmful Health Myths
Details of “Einstein” Cyber Shield Disclosed by White House
Respected Danish journalist admits 'I was a Mossad agent'
Top recipients of insurance industry money
Why are Political Leaders Lying Most of the Time?
Pentagon gunman sought ‘truth’ about 9/11 | WHAT REALLY HAPPENED
Wholesome Refuge in China -- Another View
Dr. Meryl Nass Shreds The FBI Evidence About Dr. Ivins
Terminal Madness Of The EndTime
David Icke On 'Avatar' - A Story Of Earth...In Reverse
Gerald Celente Survives Chile Earthquake
H5N1 - 5 New Human Cases In Egypt, 3 In Vietnam
The Zionist Assault on the White Race
Stop with the Auschwitz lies
This is a discussion forum dedicated to Maltese and Europeans everywhere in the world
How Goldman Sachs (Rothschild's) took over the world
Are the Oscars Rigged?
Bush Caught Lying About September 11th
Police told to arrest innocent people to meet targets
The pseudo-science of "environmentalism"
Who Told Giuliani the WTC was Going to Collapse on 9/11? (updated)
"ALIENS CAUSE GLOBAL WARMING" By Michael Crichton (pdf)
To Hell in a Handbasket
On Iran, Skype and a Fallen Prince
Report reveals that one percent of US children, and growing, have autism
Fed To Keep Bank Oversight
Vitamin D 'triggers and arms' the immune system
Dissenters To Be Detained As “Enemy Belligerents”?
Lucozade to lose orange colour because of link to hyperactivity
Strained US – China Relations: China’s Crucial Role as America's Creditor
Zionism Unmasked
Pacifists undermining quest for world peace?
I hate what America has become
Does the Financial System need New Guard Rails?
Sabido Methodology – (or, Soap Operas Proven VERY Effective Propaganda)
First Iceland, then the World
A damning indictment of Israel’s “peace camp”
A superpower and “the world's sickest warrior state”
Free-range serfdom
FLASHBACK - The Media Calls him Al Qaeda, but his Jewish Father calls him Adam Pearlman
FLASHBACK - Adam Pearlman, al-CIA-duh Patsy
Condition Red: More Hidden Greek Debt Exposure Discovered
Israels Operation Cast Lead & Mass Executions
How Have U.S. Stocks Defied Gravity for So Long?
SNL Presidents skit: unregulated banks rip people off. It’s time to enact obvious solutions
1905, Market Street, San Francisco
At What Cost the Israel Lobby?
Netanyahu Re-igniting Religious War in the Holy Land
Ajami co-director ahead of the Oscars: I don't represent Israel
Lawful Treason?
What the banksters think of us
Squeezing the Last Drop of Productivity from the American Working Class – 18 Percent National Underemployment and why Wall Street and the Government are Cheering Your Financial Failure.
France finally acknowledges its war children
The Autism - Environment Link
The Stealth Bailouts
The Constitution Does Not Protect Our Property
Uranium Is So Last Century — Enter Thorium, the New Green Nuke
The Decline of the Israeli Right and the Increasing Desperation of the 'Anti-Semitism' Charge
how-to turn your old digital camera into an IR-camera
awesome wii remote hacks: hi tech equipment for next-to-nothing
Unused TV channels bring broadband to rural U.S.
BREAKING: ‘Anti-Lobbyist’ Obama Administration Recruited Left-Wing Lobbyists to Sell Bogus ‘Green Jobs’
Voters in Iceland Appear to Reject Repayment Plan
Bill Moyers: Israeli Commandos on U.S. Soil during Katrina
Video "Oh Canada" explains how the debt based monetary system rips off Canadians
Most decorated US Marine General: Purpose of all US wars is billions for insiders’ profits
It's Time to Get an "Obama Discount" On a Slightly Used Toyota
US administration to block vote on Turkey 'genocide'
Keiser Report No22: Markets! Finance! Scandal! - "China And Israel Runs America"
Percentage of GDP to External Debt: Default is Inevitable
So when are you going to make war on Israel, Mr Brown?
For First Time in Three Decades,Israel’s Existence Is Threatened
Video satire: President Obama rejects the narrow, dogmatic views of the Jedi
Does Israel hope to spark a new wave of suicide bombing?
What’s More Important: Price Per Ounce or Ounces Owned?
Is Europe planning seal of approval for Israeli settlers?
60 Years of Drug Trafficking at the Venice Municipal Airport
The ‘magic bullet’ theory and a coup d’état in America
It’s time: Declare lies for war with Iran as treason against our soldiers and US Constitution
Flashback: Fluoride in dog food found to cause cancer
Time for a U.S. Revolution – Fifteen Reasons – Bill Quigley
Video: How Goldman Sachs runs the government!
Film: Century of Self – A Study in Mind Control
MSM: Vaccines ‘are making our dogs sick as vets cash in’
The 'United States' Is A Formal Business Corporation
Illusions Of Freedom
US extends pandemic emergency to 2012
The Banality Of Jewish Symbolism By Gilad Atzmon
Another Anti-Toyota Scam?
Israel’s Recent Extreme Makeover–A Cure Worse Than The Disease Itself By Mark Glenn
“Repent Amarillo”, or These Christian Jihadists Will Probably Kill You!
Open Letter to the ADL
How Have U.S. Stocks Defied Gravity for So Long?
33 States Have Raised Taxes by $32 Billion/Year
What Israel gets away with
On Memories and Memory Cards
Israel’s Fifth Column: The People in Between
Mullen Wary of Israeli Attack on Iran
Running On Empty
Do You Feel Free Anymore?
US – China: Provoking the Creditor, Hugging the Holy Man
Census: A Little Too Personal
Calling All Rebels
Osteoporosis Drugs, Like Fosamax May Increase Risk of Broken Bones in Some Women
Barton Biggs: Stock A Safe Haven With Food And Firearms To Protect Against Doomsday Pillagers
IRS tried to silence We The People again!
The Olympic Games Were Excellent
MD Attorney General Claims.. "I Cannot Be Impeached!"
Father Fahey Challenged The Elders Of Zion
Do You Feel Free Anymore?
Illusions Of Freedom – Jim Kirwan
2008 Financial Collapse: The Greatest Calamity The World Has Ever Known – Robert Singer
Iran’s refutation of US’ lies of nuclear weapons censored by corporate media, political “leaders”
China at the wheel of the Soros and Goldman Gold Hedging Vessel
Census: Only answer ONE question
How Did the WTC Fires Burn for Months?
The "Truss Theory": A Fantasy Concocted to Conceal a Demolition
Our Corrupt And Incompetent US Congress
More Numb3rs Of The Occult
US, UK, NATO, Israeli Weapons Cause Mass Genocide
The Business Of Water - Privatizing An Essential Resource
The 13 Most Toxic Foods
Test That Can Detect Aspartame In Food Soon
Russia, Azerbaijan/Armenia - All Roads Lead To Caucasus
What World Famous Men Said About The Jews
6 Theories On Why the Stock Market Has Rallied
Economist Lewis Black Tells It Like It Is
YES MASSA! I'ze a Good Boy!
Humanity versus Insanity
Sales Taxes Now Top Property Taxes and Personal Income Taxes as State Revenue Source
'Climate Astrology' Takes Hold
[Pic] 1 pixel = 1 million dollars
Iran puts 12 policemen on trial over Kahrizak prison deaths
Compare and contrast
Billionaires for Wealthcare
The Business of Water-Privatizing an Essential Resource
German Intelligence Experts: 9-11 is Hollywood Deception
Iran leader: US playing `game' in Afghanistan
Targeting Israeli Apartheid
US, UK, NATO and Israeli Weapons Cause Genocide
Leaderless Resistance - theory and practice - VERY IMPORTANT
Utah Senate Plans to take US land through Eminent Domain
How Old Is the Earth?
Senators McCain and Liebermann: indefinitely detain Americans if they say so
Census letter
GATA Claims To Have Evidence Of "Massive Physical Short Gold And Silver Positions That Can Not Be Covered"
Demand for tungsten is about to skyrocket!
Naked Obama aide 'berated Congressman'
The 9/11 hijackers are alive
Icelandic people refuse to repay Internet bank’s multi-billion debt
Avatar gets put in The Hurt Locker
The American 'TC' Saga - Part 1 ­ Introduction
Westerners Burned By Foreign Marriages
Over 130,000 cases of diabetes now linked to soda consumption, HFCS – Mike Adams
Video: Explicit Version – Verichip/PositiveID Informercial featuring Mr Tinkles
Our Dirty Little Secret: Who’s Really Poor in America?
Kill Bill: Death to Obamacare!
Alex Jones Websites Under Massive And Sustained Attack
Email 5 Creepy Ways Video Games Are Trying to Get You Addicted
$2000 Gold By Year End?
The Russian Mafia Is, In Fact, A Zionist Jewish Enterprise
Finally: Bill To Get The U.S. Out Of NAFTA
The Siege Of The Fictional City Of Marja
US Military Trains To Clear 'Civilian' Homes (Kill All Inside)
AIPAC of Raving Lunatics
It's Going To Implode: Buy Physical Gold - NOW
Basket Case Currencies: Why Our Financial System is Predicated on the Assumption That You?re An Idiot And What You Can Do About it (PDF file)
CIA Ordered Visas For 15 of The 19 9/11 Hijackers in Jeddah
New FBI Files Alleging AIPAC Theft of Government Property and Israeli Espionage Released
Decade Of The Drone: America’s Aerial Assassins
Use Cash And Enjoy Privacy? You’re A Terrorist
Facebook pushing 'Suicide Machine' into an open-source afterlife
Email Leak: New Campaign Planned Against BDS Movement
Video: Settlers pouring cement into spring
Cut loose from dying, thieving governments, and build a new society.
Cryptome Rocks What's Left Of the Free World
McGCSE: Work at McDonald's for two weeks and get equivalent of a B grade exam pass
Adrian Douglas: If your gold is at an LBMA bank, you may be just an unsecured creditor
50 Facts About U.S. Nuclear Weapons
2008 Financial Collapse
Senate Democrats Seek to Abolish Filibusters
The National Worker ID Card as an Evil Instrument of Control
Lindbergh: Articles of Impeachment Against Federal Reserve
VIDEO: H.R. 4789 the "Public Option Act": Medicare for any American at cost
Jesse Ventura on The View 03 10 2010 - Gulf of Tonkin, Pat Tillman , JFK, WTC-7 and 9/11
GMAC Bailout Could Cost Taxpayers $6.3B
Waterboarding for dummies
Shaped Charges and the World Trade Center Collapses
All 9/11 Airports Serviced by One Israeli Owned Company
FEMA was in New York the Night Before 9/11
Waterboarding sessions brought detainees ‘close to death’: report
The Thirteenth Tribe
Arthur Koestler documents the Caucasian ancestry of Ashkenazim Jews.
82% of Americans: Clamp Down on Wall Street • Independent Financial Experts: Break Up Big Banks • Politicians: Keep Them Lobbying Dollars Coming!
Poul Thorsen's Mutating Resume
ABC interviews FBI 911 Whistleblower Coleen Rowley
Zionism Laid Bare
Israeli Soldiers Brutalizing Palestinian Children
US Dept Of Education Urgently Buys Shotguns
Son Of Sam Murders And The Occult
Illegal Immigration & The SPLC
Pilgrim's Guide: 0000-0000
Airlines To Cancel Flights To Avoid Fines For Delays
Why California Is Doomed
Letter To Newsweek From Frosty Wooldridge
Archeological Finds Disprove Darwinism
Social Security Is Going Cash Flow Negative Six Years Earlier Than Expected
TVNL Reminder: Pope 'led cover-up of child abuse by priests'
Anti-Semitism rising worldwide, US report finds
A Follow Up To “I Hate What America Has Become”
CDC uses shopper-card data to trace salmonella
PERMANENT AGGRESSION: War on the horizon in Latin America
How Big Business Dupes the Masses
PSST : 27 trillion dollars later and they're still insolvent
Lehman Fraudulently Cooked Its Books, Accounting Giant Ernst & Young Helped, Geithner and Bernanke Winked and Slapped Them on the Back
It's All About OUR Stuff NOT Yours!
Isarel Was A Mistake
ACLU sues Corrections Corp. over ‘extraordinarily violent’ Idaho prison
"JihadJane" was laughable, Web watchers say
Want to run really, really fast? Smoke pot.
“CIA keeps testing drugs on people” – American author
FLASHBACK - Government Experiments on U.S. Soldiers: Shocking Claims Come to Light in New Court Case
FLASHBACK - VA testing drugs on war veterans
Huffing Biggest Drug Threat for Tweens
Holocaust Games in Britain
Report links vaccines to Gulf war syndrome
Ecstasy trials for combat stress
Is China actually bankrupt?
St Hilary's Primary kids traumatised by teachers’ Holocaust game
Elvis Presley’s Ultra-Secure, 2008 Passport?
Politicians: “Don’t Like the Message? Shoot the Messenger!”
U.S. funded anthrax vaccine trials on IDF soldiers
Dick Fuld Unaware of Lehman’s ‘Cooking the Books’? STOP IT!!
Largest Private Refinery Discovers Gold-Plated Tungsten Bar
How Israel Wages Game Theory Warfare-Part 3
"Palestinians should now declare their independence"
Israeli historian: Israel could find itself forced to wipe out Europe
Czars to Serfs: Pay Up and Shut Up
Betraying Turkey
Chairman of the Department of Economics at George Mason University: Politicians Are NOT Prostitutes ... They Are Pimps
Second half of 2010: Sudden intensification of the global systemic crisis – Strengthening of five fundamental negative trends
Video: They hate us for our liberty? ... Rabid Rabbit Rant
Netanyahu: My father foresaw 9/11 attacks in 1990s
Full Court Press on the Slaughter Rule
Kennedy Denounces The CIA Mockingbird Media Over Illegal Wars
IIlegal Israeli Settlement Expansions Continue
Anthrax Attack In Scotland - Ten Deaths So Far
The Health Care Reform Bill: Welcome To The Biggest Tax Increase In U.S. History
Some call it makeup. I call it liar’s powder
Video: G. Edward Griffin – CIA Takeover of The Mafia and its Ties to Harvard on The Alex Jones Show
Epidemic of Vitamin D deficiency sweeping the world – Mike Adams
20 Signs That The United States Is Rapidly Becoming A Totalitarian Big Brother Police State
Billionaires and Mega-Corporations Behind Immense Land Grab in Africa
The Rogue Nation
Flu shots futile: study
US military behind Haiti quake, says Innsbruck scientist
Video: Peace in the Middle East? Biden Attends War Council in Israel
National Worker ID Proposed in Comprehensive Immigration Bill
Guns Used in Pentagon and Las Vegas Courtroom Shootings Originated with Tennessee Police
U.S. Intelligence Planned to Destroy WikiLeaks
660 gazillion incidents of anti-Semitism during the past 24 hours
FLASHBACK - Systemic Wall Street Fraud
Psychopaths' Brains Wired to Seek Rewards, No Matter the Consequences
Mother Jones Cover Story on Oathkeepers: 'Age of Treason'
Gender-Bender Chemicals are Turning Boys Into Girls
PRE-CRIME ALERT: Police act swiftly after Legal gun purchases
Don't Tell Me There aren't Jobs out there for Americans!
Iran says US-funded cyber network group busted
A Detention Bill You Ought to Read More Carefully
545 vs 300,000,000 Revisited
Not your mother's Girl Scouts
Was the Toyota Incident a Hoax?
Gaza in Plain Language Zionists Are Mass Murderers
Anti-Semitism – Zionist myth vs truth and reality
The Force is with us
Anti-Semitism: Zionism’s indispensable alibi
Anti-Semitism: silencing the messenger of truth with Canada’s “hate provisions”
Does anyone else find it odd that Israel is the most visited foreign country by US politicians?
VIDEO: War Sending The US Into Ruin
The Best investment opportunity in 30 years Silver - Investment Tips
Israel's Chronological Nuclear Profile
Groundwater Levels Continue Downward Spiral Around Coca-Cola Plant
United States of Foreclosures: How 'Bankquakes' Shake People from Their Homes
Corporate entity becomes ‘candidate’, kicks off bid for Congress
FLASHBACK - “For Fear of the Jews”
A leaked strategy paper detailing Israel's plan to counter the growing public relations crisis and the boycott/divestment going on was to USE THE COVER OF ANTISEMITISM.
when the painters of swastika get caught, they turn out to be Jewish
Middle Class Americans Losing Financial Ground on Retirement – As Stock Market Rebounds more Middle Class Americans Have Less Money and Fewer Jobs. How is Health Care Spending Boosting GDP a Good Thing?
4409 #1 Toll Road Pirate
30 Years of Global COOLING!
9/11 Critical Mass?
Ron Paul - Federal Reserve Creates Bubbles and Busts
$650 Million Payout Proves Government Conspired To Lie About 9/11
Michael Parenti -- Myth of Under Development!
The financial system in America is on the edge of default
Iceland, the Mouse that Roared
The Video That Will Put Geithner Behind Bars
Israel and America: Foolish tricks
Dealing With Formaldehyde, or, So You Got Stuck With A Toxic Trailer
Economic fascism: corporate-directed health care instead of physician-directed public option at cost
Who’s to blame for the Iraq war? A not-so-trivial quiz
Zionism – the antithesis of historical truthfulness
PROMIS, precursor to PTECH & then Agile Software: (warning: conspiracy rich environment)
H1N1 Manufactured At Ft. Dietrich?
The Stimulus Scam
Controversial native leader Ahenakew dies
Bob Shallit: IRS visits Sacramento carwash in pursuit of 4 cents
The Rogue Nation
Census Data Not So Confidential After All
Young war veterans returning home to unemployment
U.S. Budget Deficit Grows $1 Million Every 11 Seconds
CUI BONO??? THE Reason for the Recent Media Attack on Toyota
An Open Letter To American War Criminals And Others
The Hebronisation of Jerusalem
Oh Rapture!
U.S. Gave Israel Green Light For East Jerusalem Construction
The Complete Guide to Toxic Mortgages and the Housing Situation of California – Option ARMs, 55 Percent of Jumbo California Loans are ARMs, 794,000 Distressed Properties, and Failed Loan Modifications.
The Stunning Fact That Connects Every Single Toyota Case
US Media And Israel Military, All In The Family
20 Signs That The United States Is Rapidly Becoming A Totalitarian Big Brother Police State
Truth, History and Integrity by Gilad Atzmon
Revealed: British Premier Gordon Brown Is A Pedophile
Aging boomers face stark economics
Wanna get dissed as being 'anti-Semitic?' Just speak some 9/11 truth.
This Common Food Ingredient Is As Addictive as Cocaine?
No law requires Americans to respond to the 2010 federal census
Economy Kept On Life Support While Global Governance Is Organized
Collapse of the American Empire: swift, silent, certain
Ventura: ‘You’re not allowed to ask’ about 9/11
Israeli Soldiers Brutalizing Palestinian Children
A Closer Look at Israel’s Role in Terrorism
Obama Supports DNA Sampling Upon Arrest
US Media And Israel Military, All In The Family
Do the Healthcaremongers Hold Us in Contempt?
No Treason:The Constitution of No Authority
Crime Families, Buggery and Boat Riding Dreams
The South Is Rising Again
More Retirement Disasters
The Shocking Truth About Public Schools
Full El Al flight took off on 9/11 from JFK to Tel Aviv
Controlled Press Hides Chertoff's Israeli Roots
The Petraeus briefing: Biden’s embarrassment is not the whole story
Remember, the Census Is “Just” About Federal Funding
ADL chairman speaks out against argument that Israel endangers US soldiers.
Monsanto admits their technology doesn’t work!
ADL: US Criticism of Israel troubling
Video: The Philosophy of Liberty
Would US Troops Fire on Americans? Have No Doubt America…
Video: What is Fascism?
International Terrorism Does Not Exist
Video: How To Cure Autism and The Time Bomb Of Mercury Poisoning
Video: Robert Gibbs – Health Care Will Be ‘Law Of The Land’ Next Week; Axelrod To GOP – ‘Make My Day’
Weight Watchers says eat at McDonald’s to lose weight (opinion) – Mike Adams
Sixteen Years of Democracy Has Not Freed the Imprisoned Mind
Senate Bill Wipes Out Indian Tobacco Industry
The Evil Of Tax Exempt Foundations
A Brief And Shocking History Of Haiti
Netanyahu Warns Biden With 'Broken Glass'
Owning The 'United States®'
America's Secret Prisons
Zimbabwe - Ten Years To Practice
Euro Crisis - Latvia And The PIGS
A Sunny Sabbath, A Good Apostle & Talmudic Judaism
Saudi Child Marriage Rampant
Thomas Jefferson Dropped From TX School Textbooks
Terror In Perspective - Fix Immigration With Moratorium
The Federal Reserve - Greatest Scam In History
Another Israeli Watchtower On Stolen Land
Jell-O Cranberry Gelatin Contains Unlabeled Aspartame
Dead Men Walking
'We Are Not Alone' - NASA Veteran
Totalitarian Collectivism - Pt 1
Totalitarian Collectivism - Pt 2
Geert Wilders - Dutch Rising Star Is Zionist Shill
Zionist Schumer's National ID Card
Justice versus The System
The Sky Before Katrina Struck
I Apologize To Israel
Another US Atrocity In The Bush-Obama Afghan War
Clintons Pocket Haiti Phone Monopoly Assets
Israeli Govt To Enter US Health Care Plan
Crazy Zionists and Their “Temple Mount” Plot
Message to president obama re: biden in tel aviv, march 11, 2010
The next big bailout is on the way. Prepare to get reamed!
Government Warned 9/11 Commission ‘Not To Cross The Line’
Shelf Life of Foods
The Next Big Bailout "Any Day Now"
Work to cease on 'virtual fence' along U.S.-Mexico border
Scott Creighton Has A Few Choice Words For Mr. Kucinich
Colleen Rowley: Minders Ensured She Didn't Say Anything About 9/11 the FBI Didn't WANT Told, Even to Government Officials With Top Security Clearance
Give Peace a Chance
The Poodle Gets Kicked
Michael Moore | The Green They Steal, the Greed They Wear ... a St. Patrick's Day Lament
Thimerosal : Beware of The Allergy Symptoms
French guillotine exhibition opens 33 years after the last head fell
CIA: What Really Happened in the quiet French village of Pont-Saint-Esprit
Would US Troops Fire On Americans?
Flouride in drinking water does not reduce tooth decay.
Flouride in the drinking water does have serious neurological effects over time.
Chinese Fluoride In Mass. Water Raises Concern
Standing Your Ground Against Police
Israeli Apartheid and The Nakba -a new brilliant work by Anthony Lawson
2010 census: Title 13 does not require Americans to respond!
What’s Constitutional Money Anyway?
Treason in America Conference: stating the painfully obvious to save America
Top Ratings Agency Warns Austerity Riots Could Hit America
Vitamin D better than vaccines at preventing flu, report claims
US-Israeli Tensions Escalating Quickly
A Fake War In Serbia ~ Muslims Against Christians
Anti-Semitism – what is it?
Competition for the IMF’s Gold?
Israeli Audacity and Axelrod Angst
The New U.S. Government Off Balance Sheet Scam
The Most Powerful Destructive Corporate Business Club Most Americans Have Never Heard of
The Hidden Role of the CIA at Popular Mechanics
Chertoff Family Member Wrote "Popular Mechanic" 9-11 Propaganda
This Is Why Israel Will Never Win
Israel Is Boss
Pharma Backed Australian of the Year Psychiatrist Wants Millions in Government Funding for Brave New World of “Pre-Drugging” Kids
Your New Facebook Friend: The IRS
Round Two - Who Owns This Country?
Jordan Maxwell - Illuminati Eye/Sunrise Right In Your Face
Caring For Our Pets
Netanyahu Against The World (more political theater)
Walter E. Williams On The US Census Outrage
Opus Dei - Catholic Church Embraces Satanic Cult
Zionist Accessories
Fluoride And Your Kidneys
Fluoride’s effect on the brain
World War
US Readies Cyberwar, Virtual Flag Terrorism – Webster Tarpley
HR 646: U.S. Preparing for Civil Unrest – Allen Roland
John McCain’s Attack On Liberty – Chuck Baldwin
MSM: Break the law and your new ‘friend’ may be the FBI
Israel Police Photos
U.S. Directs Large-Scale Offensive In Somalia
Robust Nuclear Earth Penetrator
Victory at Last?
The Complete Guide to Killing Non-Jews
Judge Napolitano and Walter E Williams on the Census
TV Pushes War And False Paradigms
The Ruin Of Jerusalem
Devvy - Stop The Census: Nothing But Fraud
Trademark Of The Beast
WaPost Bashes Obama's 'Quickness To Bludgeon' Israel
Puzzling Statement: Obama Says ‘Louisiana Purchase’ Will Help With the Earthquake in Hawaii
Insurers score big win as parliamentarian blocks rate hike watchdog
Should the EU subsidise Israeli security?
FLASHBACK - Art Students in WTC Connected to Israeli Intelligence Service
6 Subtle Ways The News Media Disguises Bullshit As Fact
Tax Scam Uncle Sam? You Oughta Be Fired! Says Utah Rep. Chaffetz
Repo 105 - How Lehman Brothers Destroyed Themselves.
FLASHBACK - Documentary Shows Child Abuse Ring Leads to Top Levels of Church, Government
A Low-Tech Solution to the Health Care Crisis
American Military: Trust in the Last Vestige of US Dominance
Bombing of Dresden in World War II
Netanyahu’s Mule
The Last Hope
Stop the Census-Nothing But Fraud
Rising food prices may start with seeds
EFF Posts Documents Detailing U.S. Law Enforcement Collection of Data From Social Media Sites
The Green They Steal, The Greed They Wear ...a St. Patrick's Day lament
The Break On Palestine
They’re Killing Arabs
The American Dream Has Moved Abroad
Hide the decline and rewrite history?
Dreidel-Club Power Drive
The Growing Movement for Publicly Owned Banks
ACLU obtains document stating 9/11 commission told to "not cross the line"
"By way of Deception"?
Soaring IED attacks in Afghanistan stymie U.S. counteroffensive
Obama effigy hung at RI school with fired teachers
Iran’s Natural Gas Riches: US Knife to the Heart of World Future Energy
Texas Man Accused of Disabling 100 Cars Over Internet
Palestinian classes held at Israeli army checkpoint
Defacing Facebook: A Security Case Study PDF
David Duke - Affirmative Action Is Racist!
Petraeus Warns Mullen Israel Is Jeopardizing US
Jerusalem Under Fire By Israeli Death Squads
Celente - The Political Atheist's Gospel
Hell-Care - A Doctor's Letter To Senator Bayh
Bollyn - Obama Faces Israel's Racist Reality
Video: Israeli Apartheid and The Nakba
Planning for a Post-Israeli Warworld
Hitler Is Smiling–The Profitable Secret Sterilization of the Third World
Health Bill Broadens Unconstitutional Policing Power of IRS
Could America Become a Presidential Military Dictatorship?
The Heat is On: Congressman's office says constituent calls are "harrassment"
Madoff in Jerusalem by Gilad Atzmon
Obama is still Israel's bitch
Why Israel?
US/NATO Death Squads Killing Indiscriminately in Afghanistan
Virtually all kidney disease patients on dialysis have vitamin D deficiency
Operation Enduring Occupation
Creating our Own Credit: The Growing Movement for Publicly-Owned Banks
Iran: The Next Crisis
Israel Is Boss
Did The Exodus Really Happen?
The Wars of Tribe and Faith
I'd Kill For a Peace Prize
House Health Care Bill 'Dangerously Expands IRS's Power'
NATO Eyes Massive Offensive in Northern Afghanistan
Data mining project benefits investigators, scares privacy experts
Stink On U.S. Airways Plane Caused By Exhaust Fumes
Bernanke footnote: Fed wants end to ‘minimum reserve requirements’
Obama, Israel Agree to ‘Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell’ Policy on East Jerusalem Settlements
Should Conspiratorial Thinking Be The Default Position?
Jewish Voice For Peace - AIPAC does NOT represent us!
Republicans assail IRS provision in health care bill
Mammograms cause 7,000 women to receive false positives each year in the UK
'Pension tsunami' threatens schools
Billionaires and Mega-Corporations Behind Immense Land Grab in Africa